March for Justice for Mayan Indigenous Migrant Murdered by PoLice Terror

Tiny - Posted on 07 April 2017

Fri, 04/07/2017 - 10:00am - 3:00pm

One Year Anniversary of the Killing of Luis Góngora Pat by SFPD

Hundreds March to Mark Deadly Police Shooting A Year Ago of an indigenous Mayan Mexican Immigrant Worker, who was Homeless at the time

  • What:   March Against Police Terror in The Sanctuary City of San Francisco in commemoration of Luis Góngora Pat
  • When:  10am on April 7th, 2017
  • Where:March begins at 19th and Shotwell Streets at the site of his killing
Press conference at 1PM, Polk & McCallister, SF City Hall


On Friday, April 7th, a large cross-sector of supporters and organizations will gather in remembrance of Luis Góngora Pat killed at the hands of the SFPD.


March Schedule & Stops, (approximate times)

—     9:30 a.m.—Shotwell and 19th—Memorial Altar at location of shooting. Ceremonial Ku' sakaj prayer for family and event organizers from surprise special guest, Bernardo Caamal from Peté, Yuctaán, an expert in Mayan customs and a rural community radio host, will broadcast live to Yucatán community radio and on facebook, which means Luis's family will hear live coverage of the protest march tomorrow, perhaps even in Mayan.

—     10:00 a.m.—Shotwell and 19th—Memorial Altar at location of shooting. Spiritual ceremonies for Luis Góngora Pat,

  • Moises Agudo, Catholic Priest
  • Francisco Icala, Guatemalan Mayan Sacerdote/Priest
  • Corrina Gould, Ohlone elder, Native American leader
  • José Góngora Pat, brother of Luís (RIP)
  • Translation support by Dawn Noelle Smith Beutler, member of Justice for Amilcar Perez Lopez, a Guatemalan Mayan, killed by SFPD February 26th 2015
  • Prayer-dance by Aztec Danzantes, then march to:  

—     11:00 a.m.—Valencia and 17th—Mission Police Station. Rally against police violence:

  • Luis Poot Pat, cousin of Luis Góngora Pat (RIP)
  • Cristina Gutierrez, organizer of Mothers on the March for Justice, a weekly Friday noon protest at 850 Bryant calling Gascón to prosecute killer cops; a former ‘Frisco Five’ hunger striker
  • Equipto, rapper, activist; former ‘Frisco Five’ hunger striker, then march to:

—     12:00 p.m.—Market and Valencia—Luis’s Stolen Home. (Gathering at McCoppin Hub) Rally for housing rights, immigrant rights, and rights of the unhoused/ homeless,

  • Laura Guzman, Homeless Outreach Coordinator at Mission Neighborhood Resource Center,and member of Justice & Honor for Luís Góngora Pat Coalition (the Coalition),
  • Gloria Esteva, Causa Justa Immigrant Rights Organizer
  • Bilal Ali, Organizer with the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness
  • GentriFUKation Tours R US - Teatro de los POBRES/Theatre of the POOR (Cultural workers/Poets from POOR Magazine)(introduction by Tiny Gray-Garcia member of aforementioned organizations and member of the Coalition), then march to:

—     1:00 p.m. PRESS CONFERENCE & RALLY: City Hall, front steps—Polk and McAllister. 

  • José Góngora Pat, brother of Luís,will deliver a visceral comment,
  • Carlos Poot Pat, cousin of Luis,will read a statement from family in Teabo, Yucatán,
  • Adante Pointer, Law Offices of John Burris, family attorneyin federal civil case against SFPD,
  • Carolina Morales, legislative aide on behalf of Hillary Ronen, District 9 Supervisor 
  • Francisco Ugarte, Immigrant Defense Public Defenderof San Francisco
  • Amalia Alvarez, poet,will close with a poem of her creation in honor of Luis Góngora Pat, then cross the street to:

—     2:00 p.m.—Polk and McAllister—Civic Center Plaza.

  • Open Circle - Families United for Justicefor Families Hurt by Police Violence, sponsored by the Idriss Stelley Foundation and Mesha Irizarry, mother of Idriss Stelley killed 15 years ago by SFPD at the Metreon Cinema. Facilitator: Antoinette Gaggero
  • Meal to be provided by the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness
  • Coffee to be provided by Coffee Not Cops, a project of Station 40
  • An African drumming ritual will support the transition of the march to the Healing Circle


Góngora Pat was a 45-year-old indigenous Mayan Mexican, an immigrant worker and a family man who for a decade and a half supported his wife and three children in the small town of Teabo, Mexico by sending remittances from his dishwasher and line cook earnings.


In 2013, he and his brother were illegally evicted from their home in the Mission District during the peak housing crisis of San Francisco, after which they became homeless. Extended family helped his brother José get back on his feet, and the plan was to help Luis next, but his life was brutally ended before then when he was killed by officers of the San Francisco Police Department in 28 seconds from their arrival.


“My cousin suffered many injustices to get to this Sanctuary City only to face more cruelty here. He suffered poverty, forced migration, low wages, illegal eviction, homelessness and discrimination, only to be killed by an act of senseless police brutality in less than 30 seconds,” says Luis Poot Pat.



Officer Michael Mellone and Sergeant Nate Seger shot four to five bean bag rounds and seven bullets at Luís Góngora Pat in the span of 28 seconds from the moment of their arrival.(Video) The Medical Examiner’s Report shows that Luis was shot in the right side of his back at least 8 times, which coincides with witness statements saying he has trying to shield himself from the shots. Luis is said to have been only momentarily on his feet before he fell wounded. The steep downward trajectory shot to the forehead seems to indicate that he was executed as he laid wounded and helpless on the ground. (See autopsy diagram, read medical examiner’s report.)



On the one year anniversary of his death, Góngora Pat’s family will March Against Police Terror in The Sanctuary City of San Francisco. We will address his unjust killing, and heighten awareness of the systemic oppression that regularly takes the lives of people of color in the City of San Francisco through evictions, homelessness, discrimination, deportations, police violence, and other injustices. 


Góngora Pat’s killing was at the nexis of several struggles faced by low income people of color in the City of San Francisco: indigenous peoples’ struggles, housing rights, illegal evictions, immigrant rights, dignified wage labor, homelessness, racial profiling and discrimination, police brutality and utter impunity for killing Black and Brown residents in a so-called Sanctuary City.


Góngora Pat’s family in Teabo (Yucatán, México) issued a statement on the anniversary of his killing, which was read by his cousin Carlos Poot Pat on the steps of City Hall, “Today marks a year since the death of Luis, our beloved father, an exemplary father, a great son and a great husband, whom the San Francisco police took away from us. The culprits are still free. How is that possible in a city like San Francisco? All we ask is justice for our father."(Read full statement from Luis’s family in Teabo, here in Spanish and English.)


To underscore the suffering of his brother, José Góngora Pat, the brother of Luis,will carry a heavy cross from station to station of the protest march. “My brother’s unjust killing by police is the cross that I have to bear,” said José. He will conclude his protest march in honor of Luís by reenacting his brother’s death at the steps of City Hall, adding “I put myself in his shoes to help the people of San Francisco understand the horror and pain and injustice inflicted on my brother by those officers.” José will be aided in his performance by a troupe of local performance artists coordinated by Coalition member Pearl Ubungen.


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