10, (11, 12 or 13) things You Can Do Instead of the Calling the Kkkops

Tiny - Posted on 02 October 2016

10, (11 or 12) Things you can do to Not ever call the PoLice , CPS and APS - (the beginning of a life-long list created by POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE/Homefulness family.

1. DegentriFUK (degentrify) Your  Individuated Life-If your family of origin is safe and has space go home. Explanation- If you have bought into the Away-Nation - cult of Independence as we call it at POOR Magazine- so rigorously drummed into your head from the time you leave the womb in kkkapitalist amerikkklan- and systems telling you to move away from your language, parents, community of origin, even if it is a safe and loving place- begin the long process to resist this capitalist notion of individalism and separation- (POOR Magazine offers PEopleSkool seminar in Decolonization and DegentriFUkation to help you with this). If  your home, community / town of origin is not a safe place work long and hard ( and its VERY hard to build your circle of support with your chosen family

2. Launch, Create, Work toward a creating a Circle of Support- complete with a text/phone tree of phone numbers of friends, supporters, family members who agree to be called by each other in a case of an emergency- expand on this to include community elders, spirit and prayer-bringers, advocates, lawyers, therapists and healers.

3. De-Racialize/ De-kkkapitalize your world-view - Shake ALL as much of the wite-supremacy notions of “clean” spaces defined by kkkorporate world-views of cleanliness” out of the deep recesses of yo mind - in other words if you see an unhoused person sitting on the sidewalk - on your street- please realize this isn’t something to automatically pathologize, be scared of, consider to be dangerous. Look into your heart and subconscious and think back when you got that message. Similarily, if you are a non-black person of color, or white person deconstruct your own tendencies to feel “unsafe” at the site of a Black or melanin -rich person.

4. Begin repeating a mantra - Calling 911 doesn’t mean help, support or safety and replace it with 911 means possible death and create a phone tree/ phone text list  with your support networks of  chosen family, friends, care-givers, peoples you trust who are willing/able to come thru

5. Research, become involved in groups like Critical Resistance, ATPT and resources like Concern (mental hellth crisis) and other anti-police terror work

6. kkkop-Watch ANYTIME you can- - stand by and watch, report and call in as many people as possible whenever you see anyone being stopped, frisked, questioned, harassed by the paid murderers

7. Teach your families, elders, communities about the myth of 911, de-racialization and decolonization  and the ideas you learned here today

8. Un-fund Adult Protection Services/Stop calling APS  except when elder abuse by Eviction is happening- Take care of your elders and your community even if it takes time - capitalism and death and criminalization takes time -

9. Un-Fund Child Protection Services /stop calling CPS - - Cuz it attacks poor families of color- and educate yourself in the Transubstative error of cross-cultural differences- stop pathologizing poverty , houselessness and cultural differences - if you are a teacher, educator or counselor - work with restoration models instead of separation models-

10. Read How to Not Call the kkkops EVER article, come to next training offerred by POOR Magazine on july 15th 2018 or invite us to your town, city, school or barrio (email us at poormag@gmail.com for more information- and stay tuned to the upcoming release of POVERTY scholarship - A PeoplesTextBook - poor people-led theory, art, words and tears across mama earth

11. Support POOR, indigenous and POC led movements like Sogorea Te Land Trust, Community Ready Corps, Homefulness, Idirss Stelly Foundation and education and support models outside of non-profit industrial complex models of “safety.

12. Support/ become involved in mediation clinics like Berkeley’s SEEDS and/or get trained in mediator skills -

13 Learn about Community Reparations, African Peoples and Indigenous Peoples Land reclamation and Reparation Movements and become an active reparations,  land and hoarded resources redistribution (more about this from movements like Zapatistas in Chiapas, Shackdwellers Union in South Africa and Homefulness)  

14. Call the Fire Department directly- they have their own phone numbers in every city in the US if you are looking for parmedic or other emergency services.

15. Call MHFirst- a powerFULL grassroots movement to support people PoLice free without EVER calling the kkkops- reach them at 510-999- 9MH1 or MH1Oak on facebook, Instagram and Twitter 

Strategic Institute for Intersectional Policy
Black Disability Youth Coalition in Chicago
Critical Resistance
AntiPoLice Terror Project
Community Ready Corps
Peoples Community Medics

Poor Peoples Security Team at POOR Magazine (ww.poormagazine.org) @Poormagazine on IG, Fb & Twitter 



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