Kayla Cooking Their Final Meal For the Community (Poem for Kayla Moore)

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 02 October 2016


You smell that

But it’s not ready

The table is not set

So in the meantime let me tell you a story

I am black but


Kalyla could be my sister

Not because we have th same last name, MOORE

Forget the police I  want moore

frrom my community

Stop over looking Kayla’s full identity


Yes say the correct gender, name & disability

Like me, Kayla was a poet

IQ off the scale Kayla’s words will live on & you know it

Not the same answer over over over

No more police crisis intervention training that shit is over


Berkeley, disability meca

Same place where Disability profiling

Happens over over over and over

especially if you are a person of color

Police I don’t want to talk to ya


Courtroom justice is one thing

Community justice is on going

Poor magazine says no police calls ever

Today I have a fever

Flipping the same coin over and over Democracte or Republican



Policy goes in, watered down & teeth pulled out

Here we go again

Real support came from family & Kayla’s community

Those are the ones who should have been called

All the funds go to the popo the system is flawed


Before we go into the courtroom

sweep sweep pull out the broom

no all White Jurry

They will look like Kayla Moore

Kayla still in the kitchen

A tasty aroma like a thick curry


The first & last supper

That will have you  drooling

beyond Jurry, lawyer and judge

It will be a community fest

Kayla will feed & after we will finally let Kayla rest in peace


By Leroy F. Moore Jr. 9/16



Pic\drawing:  Artist Nomy Lamm
[Image description: The graphic shows a drawing of Kayla Moore, a large black trans woman. She has shoulder-length brown hair, and she is smiling and flashing a peace sign. Her shirt is purple and black with a blue heart, and the words “Justice for Kayla” appear in orange on her shoulder and neckline. Above her face are the words, “We remember Kayla Moore” in a purple and teal banner. Below the banner, the text reads, “4-17-71 to 2-13-13. Poet, singer, sister, daughter, genius, friend, black trans woman with a mental health diagnosis killed by Berkeley Police in her own home. They tried to blame her death on ‘obesity’!!! Shame on BPD!” Drawing copyright Nomy Lamm.]


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