State Sanctioned Child Rape and Child Abuse = The PoLice

Tiny - Posted on 27 July 2016


The PoLice culture of rape and abuse that continues behind the badge- 

“The nails in the wall dug into my spine. Deep. The pain seared my back. It was a pain i forced myself to become used to. I lived with it. It was from my step-father. These horrific moments of child sexual abuse flooded back into my head as the media bombarded us with Oakland and San Francisco PoLice stories of rape of a minor child. Images of a young girl’s breasts and Facebook posts were splattered across multiple corporate media channels always hungry for “bleeds it leads” media.

The sexually exploited teenager at the center of a Bay Area police scandal said she told investigators that four officers had sex with her when she was 16 and 17 years old, including an Oakland police officer she considered her “boyfriend” and a Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy who would pick her up and drive her to a rural road near the Caldecott Tunnel.

My heart, soul and mind imploded. The babylonian media ate it all up with a subliminal narrative constantly implied, The only image of this girl-child that appeared almost every hour when the story broke was this baby wearing a shirt with breasts exposed. 535 years of rape and colonization of indigenous bodies floated in and out of my nightmares. Accusations of the fetishized native, objectified female who “wanted it” instead of a minor girl-child of color who was exploited by child rapist kkkops

From slave-catchers-rapists to missionary colonizer rapists to 21st century misogynist poLice rape culture these occupying armies, land-stealer protectors are and have been predating and perpetrating on poor bodies and bodies of color for centuries, . Any of us who have already had contact with poLice know that the culture of racism, violence and abuse is already rampant behind their state sanctioned badges, the frightening turn for me is the way that the “accusations” seemed to only come from this child. Had it not been for the revolutionaries like Anti-Police Terror Project and so many more folks who fight poLice terror everyday, who followed up with a whistle blower hotline and mass protests, nothing would have happened.

The rape and child abuse which spanned two counties and who knows how many paid poLice officers was so egregious, i wondered why it didn’t seep into the mainstream child abuse advocates world. Why was there no CPS charge or felony rape charges placed on the perpetrators? oh thats right, cause they are all working for the same team.

PoLice shoot 13 year old child with Bean  Bags
This week we saw another child, a 13 year disabled child, be abused, seriously abused by San Francisco PoLice because he was supposedly wielding a “knife”. After the use of a killer robot this baby was hit with bags filled with hard small rocks ( beanbags). And then to add bizarre insult to our collective intelligence, this entire incident was framed by the kkkorporate media and poLice as though it was a success. If any parent, care-giver or teacher had shot a disabled child who was obviously in a mental health crisis with “bean bags” or any bags for that matter or laid hands on them, we would be charged with felony child abuse.

From Jessica Nelson-Williams to Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat, the addition of sexual abuse and child abuse are just another in a long line of murderous abuses of power from the land-stealer protectors, already with the blood on their hands of countless disabled, unhoused, Black, Brown and indigenous unarmed peoples. 

As a survivor of child sexual abuse this latest development was almost too much for me to handle, re-triggering me in ways i can’t even explain. I am only now able to write this.

National Call for a State Of Emergency/Moratorium on all PoLice Use of Force

As the most impacted, the poor, unhoused, Black, Brown, indigenous and disabled mothers, uncles and fathers who are becoming increasingly terrified for our children life in this climate of post-colonial power abuse, we are releasing a national state of emergency/moratorium on the use of all force, weaponry, robots by these tax-payer paid for pedophiles, murderers and child abusers. 

Due to the extreme danger, murder, and ongoing targeting of young peoples of color, Trans peoples, disabled and unhoused peoples by police forces in the US, We the targeted, criminalized, disabled, unhoused Black, Brown and Indigenous peoples hereby call for a State of Emergency - Moratorium on the use of any firearms or weaponry by all police forces in the US. Specifically weaponry, tasers, guns, AR15 rifles, UZI's, etc while on duty as police officers in any line of duty for the 90 day period following the call for the Moratorium.

We as community advocates and members of most impacted peoples understand that many police agencies across the US have implemented CIT training programs, with little or no change in the ongoing murder and severe abuse of poor, Black, Brown and disabled people.

We need to change  the focus from what the police needs to what the community needs.  We need to look at other models where the community refocus on what the community need from Denver, CO where the community set up a neighborhood awareness program around autism so parents can call on neighbors not police..  Basically there needs a transition from putting funds to police to neighborhoods solutions...

In this 90 day period, it is our goal to explore the option of completely disarmament of police forces as well as the multitude of community based solutions that have been discussed, explored and conceived by movements of impacted peoples across the US and in other countries whose police forces do not use weaponry at all.

This call is being made in honor of so many of our Black, Brown, Indigenous, Disabled, Trans Children who have been abused, murdered and/or shot as of July 2016

Co-signers, endorsers so far include Idriss Stelly Foundation, Krip Hop Nation, Justice for Josiah Campaign, Peoples Commission for Justice  and the Anti-Police Terror Project

Press conference releasing official call- Monday, August 15th @ 1pm
Locations TBA- (call 510-435-7500 for details and if you would like to endorse or support and if you are in another state or city to hold your own call.

In addition to this call POOR Magazine, a poor and indigenous people-led movement of media, education and art we have implemented and practiced a "No Police Calls ever" policy, for the last 20 years, facing and dealing with problems, violence, internal and external in a circle with our ancestors, elders and community members. On September 24th in collaboraton with the Idriss Stelly Foundation and the Peoples Commission For Justice we will be holding a community workshop on how to do this for other grassroots organizations, highlighting the examples of other organizations across the nation that practice the same model


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