Ed Lie Exploits Elders - The Counter Recall Rally for SF Mayor Ed Lie

Tiny - Posted on 15 July 2016

"No No No - No Recall" - a Chinese elder with a small blue jacket yelled above the heads of two Ed Lee recall organizers. His voice was quiet, almost embarassed and unsure of what the words he was saying even meant. The Recall Ed Lie rally had just ended with powerful voices like Yayne Abebe and Oscar Salinas clearly naming the crimes against poor, Black, Brown and Asian San Franciscans and then the "dont' recall Ed Lee" rally which was across the street, proceeded to cross the street en masse, yelling Don't recall Ed Lee, congregating on the same steps where the Recall Ed Lee rally had just been. It was a sad, odd science fiction movie, underwritten by a shadowy group of realtors who work together with Ed Lee attempting to sell off this entire City to the highest bidder.

"He has pushed all San Franciscans out of San Francisco, he doesnt work for any of us, including the folks across the street, but he does work for the tech companies and the realtors," said Yayne to the small crowd gathered for the Recall Ed Lee rally.

Since Lee's administration which began under a cloud of lies, including him being a "reluctant" candidate, the murders of Black, Brown and unhoused people like Jessica Nelson Williams and Luis Gongora has risen, the percentage of Black people has dropped to 3% and unhoused people have been criminalized for the sole act of being unhoused with an alarming rate. Scores of elders 75- 100 years old have faced the crime of elder finaincial and physical abuse from eviction and it has been clearer everyday that Lee's goal has been to enable the final selling off of every last piece of land and resources to large corporate interests like Air BnB, Google, Uber, and Ron Conway.

He allowed a murderous po'Lice administration to continue administrating, shuttled in the selling of public housing on the private stock market, and looked the other way, ignored or straight up locked the door when people POOR Magazine.Idriss Stelley Foundation, Black Lives Matter, The Last 3% and so many more went to his office challenge him.

But today for me was the final straw. I already lost respect for this man who supposedly grew up in working class roots, even being involved in the "I-Hotel" fight for liberation in his younger years, but today he took it to a new level by practicing a blatant  form of elder abuse.

Under Ed Lie we have literally seen the death of elders due to profit based evictions, from Elaine Turner to Ron Likkers and now we face the possible eviction of 100 year old Iris Canada, similiariy, the most recent population to face more houselessness are people of Chinese descent and yet these hundreds of elders were given a message and sent out here to "protest" a recall they didnt even understand.
"This recall protest is disrespecting the Chinese community," Scott Weiner, SF Board Supervisor and Ruliing Class yes-man was also conveniently on hand to try to pit the community against the community.

As someone who has spent my life listening, respecting,loving and  caring for elders as my job (I don't get paid for any of my POOR Magazine or community work) This took the exploitation, disrespect and elder abuse to a new level. Lee's actions are downright violent and abusive. He should not only be recalled, he should be charged with crimes against the people of San Francisco.



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