Stolen Land / Hoarded Resources Redistribution, Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour Comes To LA with Black, Brown, Broke & Disabled Hip-Hop/Spoken Word Show

Tiny - Posted on 16 May 2016

Stolen Land / Hoarded Resources Redistribution, Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour Comes To LA with Black, Brown, Broke & Disabled Hip-Hop/Spoken Word Show
What: National Stolen Land/Hoarded resources Tour Hits LA - (Occupied Tongva Lands)
When: June 10& 11
1st Tour Stop - Venice Beach 1pm -June 10th
2nd Tour Stop: Beverly Hills 1pm June 11th
(Po Pets, Krip Hop & welfareQUEENS poetry/Hip Hop Gigs Listed below)

Stolen Land & Hoarded Resources Redistribution, Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour. 
The Nation-wide tour of "wealthy" neighborhoods across the US which launched in San Francisco on "Earth Day" is co-led by "Poverty Skola" Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia and fellow Race, Disability, Indigenous Skolaz from POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, Leroy Moore from Krip Hop Nation and folks from LA Community Action Network and on Day 1 of the LA tour will go to  Venice Beach area where hundreds of elders and families face Ellis act evictions and displacement,  and Pacific Palisades where others live in multi-million dollar designer homes and on Day 2 go into Beverly Hills to offer an innovative healing solution to the disease of wealth and resource hoarding.

"We Black, Brown, homeless, disabled and 1st Nations people are peacefully crossing the visible and invisible lines that separate us poor folks from the "very rich" to ask them to begin the healing, change-making, process of decolonizing, redistributing and reparating their stolen and/or hoarded, inherited wealth and/or land ," Concluded Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia.
The Stolen Land/ Hoarded Resources tour is loosely based on the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave who walked through India asking wealthy "land-owners" to gift their land to landless peoples. With a similar vision, this small group of landless and indigenous peoples being hit the hardest by displacement and gentrification will be Intentionally crossing the invisible and visible lines between the land and resource hoarders aka the very rich and the victims of generations of white supremacy, theft, colonization, criminalization, racism, eugenics and silencing, aka the very poor.
"Los Angeles is where me and my mama became homeless when i was 11years old, after she became disabled. We were arrested and harassed multiple times for the sole act of sleeping in our car," concluded Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia, who is the author of Criminal of Poverty , Growing Up Homeless in America, which chronicles the life of a homeless, disabled, mixed race mother and daughter struggling to survive in LA and their work to launch POOR Magazine the organization and the landless peoples movement called Homefulness-one of the models being highlighted as a powerful move of redistribution and reparations in this tour.

"One of the other ways we can talk about people giving reparations is to give to the Sogore Te land trust one of the only Native- women -run land trust", said Corrina Gould.

Black, Brown, Broke & Disabled Hip Hop & Spoken Word Tour
The Tour will be in LA on June 10-11/16 ending with a performance collaborating with Drip-Hop Nation member and LA based Hip-Hop artist, DJ Quad of 5th Battalion.  Saturday afternoon and night will be a Hip-Hop/Spoken Word performance with Po' Poets of POOR Magazine/welfareQUEENs ( Muteado SIlencio, Vivi T, Laure McElroy, Tiny Lisa Gray-Garcia, Queenandi XSheba, & Aunti Frances) & Leroy Moore & DJ Quad of Krip-Hop Nation at BNB... & Inner-City Arts' The Rosenthal Theater.
Tour Dates: Hip Hop Dates: TBA

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