Tour of Stolen Equity/Stolen Housing by For Profit And Non-Profit Housing Developers and release of Demands for Equity & Reparations for Unhoused, Displaced People

Tiny - Posted on 25 February 2016

Fri, 02/26/2016 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

What: Tour of Stolen Equity/Stolen Housing by For Profit And Non-Profit Housing Developers and release of Demands for Equity & Reparations for Unhoused, Displaced People
When: Friday, Jan 26th 1:30pm Beginning at Eddy and Laguna in the Fillmore
Where: Eddy & Laguna in Fillmore 2) Midtown Apartments- 1415 Scott at O'Farrell 3) Hunters Point - 25 Northridge

1) We will begin at the home of Sabrina Taylor whose family has lived in the Fillmore for generaitons was evicted because private housing Devil-opers McCormack & Baron who "manage" Plaza East apts and were taken over by RAD targeted all the young Black and brown men as "criminals" and forced her to leave her family home because she spoke to her own Sun. Now the family is scattered, mama is un-housed and the young sun is in a foster home

2) Then we will walk to Buchanan and eddy to view the multiple boarded up homes being stolen for RAD "re-devil-opment" so they can be flipped into Mixed income housing ( read middle-class housing) and now stand vacant while thousands of poor, disabled and elders are on the street being swept from our tents and cardboard motels by SFPD and DPW

3) Then we will march/walk, ride to Midtown apts where hundreds of working class and very low-income Black , Brown and poor elders and folks live and have lived for generations and have launched a power-FUL rent striek because they are being evicted by well-known non-profiteer Mercy Housing so they can flip the Midotwn into Market rate and the lie of "affordable" housing. Midtown recieved their 60 day notice to leave- and we say HELL NO WE WONT LEAVE-

4) Then we drive/ride up to Hunters Point Northridge Road
Where we will be touring the literally hundreds of boarded up buildings purposely left vacant so Lennar Corporation can flip them into "mixed-income" lie of Affordable housing

5) We NEED help with cars and drivers so all folks can get to the locations -and disabled peoples, elders and children

1) Give the Unhoused, criminalized San Franciscan residents Liberated (already stolen from 1st nations people), Abandoned Yelamu Ohlone Land to Launch a Poor People-led, self-determined land movement like Homefulness
2) Mercy Housing and the City of SF Give Midtown Tenants their Rightful equity and reparations earned from living and caring for the Midtown building for generations and let them manage and self-determine their building
3) Lennar Corporation give the un-housed residents of San Francisco residing in tents- the boarded up and stolen abandoned units in the FIllmore and in Hunters Point and let us fix them up with community , people power.
4) Give the unhoused residents of San Francisco $109,000
(more by now) for the value of their belongings stolen by DPW
5) Stop Criminalizing, arresting and stealing unhoused peoples belongings

The Story
"We have nowhere else to go," Ronnie Jones, an elder,disabled un-housed resident of San Francisco who was living in a tent on Division street.Before I was out here I had an apartment in the FIllmore for years, the rent was raised and I couldn't afford it, the first place i went was Golden Gate Park, then they made that illegal to be in, now i am out here and i have nowhere else to go..,"

While SF Mayor Ed Lee criminalizes public land for the publicly poor and creates new laws to arrest us for the sole act of being un-housed, he and his administration makes and facilitates back-room deals with non-profit and for-profit housing corporations to buy, sell and "manage" all the remaining low-income and public housing in San Francisco.

"Mercy (Housing) got the Midtown Apts jn a sweetheart deal with the city. Tenants paid off the property mortgage and its been said that if we dont become rightful owners, then the property would have been stolen from us" said a 20 year resident of midtown Donald griggs

We as poor, working class,Black, Brown, indigenous and disabled people demand that the multiple stolen buildings slated to be housing for the very poor by Housing Authority, HUD and non-profits be turned over to the people. We arent asking HUD to subsidize these buildings we are asking for our rightful equity and reparations, so we can practice self-determination, said QueenandiXSheba, POOR Magazine and 5 generation San Franciscan of public housing in the Fillmore.

We the houseless, displaced gentrfied, evicted, criminalized, disabled and now living on the streets in Tents, Cardboard motels and tarps are demanding the return of thousands of dollars stolen by "sweeps" of our medicine and belongings, the return of our stolen equity in public housing as well as abandoned land that we can renovate, self-determine our own housing, set up our tents or build, said Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, POOR Magazine co-editor, She continues, "We refuse to continue to have our rightful equity and housing stolen from under us while politicians and non-profiteers earn money off of our struggle"

One of the Models that Houseless residents are proposing to the City of San Francisco which has continued to criminalize their bodies and sleep is Homefulness- a poor people-led solution to Homelessness being built by poor and houseless folks in Oakland.

There are multiple public housing buildings that have been stolen off the market by the City as well as parcels of unused public land that could be used for a shared equity permanent housing project for poor families, youth and elders

Story on this issue:
Fake housing crisis: From Bayview to Baltimore, public housing kept empty while thousands are un-housed-

We invite all organizations and folks to join in to support these demands

Examples of WeSearch Data collected before the Superbowl:


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