Black Disabled Radical Activism Back in The Day: Harriet Tubman 2016

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 03 February 2016

 Do you know Harriet Tubman bought property for a home for elderly and disabled free Black people.



Harriet Tubman well known for the underground railroad.  Under the oppressive system of slaver she became disabled with seizures that played apart of here disguise during the underground railroad. In order to fulfill her dream to build a home for the elderly Tubman purchased additional land. In 1896 Tubman bought at auction 25 acres of land adjacent to her property located at 182 South Street. The land was sold for $1,450. The AME Zion Church raised funds and with the support of a local bank providing a mortgage Tubman was able to complete the transaction.  In 1903 as she was unable to make tax payments on the property, she donated it to the AME Zion Church with the condition that the church would continue to operate the home, that way her dream would outlive her. It took 5 years to fully staff and equip the home and on June 23, 1908 the Harriet Tubman Home for the Elderly was inaugurated. Tubman continued to live in her residence until her health deteriorated and could not take care of herself. She moved next door where she was cared for until the day she died in 1913.


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