Declaration of the United K.A.G.E. Brothers

Tiny - Posted on 21 January 2016

Editors Note: Min. William Brown Jr. is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents. As currently and formerly incarcerated poor and indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance with all plantation systems in Amerikkka, POOR Magazine stands in solidarity with all folks on the other side of the razor wire plantation.

We, under the UNION OF THE UNITED K.A.G.E. BROTHERS WELCOME YOU to our COMMUNION. We aim to unite and unionize "the movement from within the belly of the beast to without." We hereby declare that we wish to unite the people of ALL COLORS, RACE, CREED, GENDER, AND/OR SEXUALITY.

We all have six inches of commonality, mostly dealing with prejudices and classism. Consequently, we think that true Civil rights of men and women alike, emanates from the laws of nature, that all human beings are created equal. However they are being capriciously taken by the usurpations from the powers that be.

These woes are being imposed on the proletariat class, regardless of race, or gender, the lower class is being oppressed through the passing of legislation aimed at keeping them suppressed.

Thus, we declare to put an end to all racial prejudices, conflict, and unnecessary waging of wars, both in prison, and in our urban streets in the United States of America. Many lives have been lost in this struggle, but not in vain!!! In San Quentin, all the way to Attica in 1971, California prisoners have banned together to Exemplify This Need For A Collective Push. Through a united front in a peaceful demonstration, Prisoners both Black, Hispanic, whites, etc. had participated in a hunger strike protesting inhumane conditions and unduly mistreatments in both PELICAN BAY and CORCORAN SHU i.e. Security Housing Unit, and A.S.U. i.e. Administration Segregation Unit, i.e. THE HOLE.

This Band of Brothers set aside the ongoing “Racial Wars” and came  together to declare an end to all waging wars that were being fought throughout California’s Prison Yards. This Solidarity Stance Soldidify’s that the “TIME IS NOW”!!!

As Bobby Seale’s entitled book captures: IT’S TIME TO “SEIZE THE TIME”!!! That is more of a metaphor, more than a saying, quoted by Huey P. Newton. When the doors of opportunity come, we must Seize The Time…

                                            UMOJA---( OO-MOH-JAH)

UMOJA is the Swahili term for UNITY. We have chosen to operate our collective under the name U.K.B. in order to reflect the emphasis we place on need for United Actions from a united front. This is a necessary need as we begin to address the problems facing our communities. We believe that any successful remedy will be a product of an united effort.

We also believe that everyone has something to contribute. Our sole purpose is to use the power of “Collective Action” to solve common challenges. We have NO ‘DUES,’ JUST DO’S!!! Thus, we are always looking for fresh ideas and constructive criticism.

                                           ***MISSION STATEMENT***

(1). To facilitate integration with socially conscious individuals (both imprisoned and/or free), as well as other activist organizations.

(2). To promote a greater dialogue and understanding amongst the activist community.

(3). To breach the walls (be it ECONOMICALLY, RACIALLY, RELIGIOUSLY, and/or GEOGRAPHICALLY), that polarize people within the activist community.

(4). To give a voice to the under-represented segments of the community.

(5). To birth, inspire, and/or support as many new or existing socially conscious minded organizations as possible.

(6). To SURVIVE!!! This means expanding appropriately as much as success will permit, and scaling back responsibly as tough times demand.

(7). To EVOLVE!!! This means that as new challenges and opportunities arise, new branches of (U.K.B.) will sprout to meet those needs!!!

(8). To construct Self-Help Study Groups (seeking out sponsors to volunteer their services).

(9). To keep and maintain a non-hostile environment.

(10). To gain back our; STRAW MAN BONDS

                                        ----UNITED K.A.G.E. BROTHERS----

                                                      UNION GROUP


WHAT IS A K.A.G.E. BROTHER????A Prisoner or ex-convict who has embraced Self Change, in hopes for second chances. A  Man of REDEMPTION. Rather Southsider, Northerner, New Afrikan Nationalist, White Supreme Brotherhood, and all other Factions alike, we are KINGS!!!!

We are KINGS in our Minds….We are KINGS AGAINST Genocidal Environments!!!!                    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. Apathy                                                                     6. Explotation

2. Passivity                                                                  7. Self-Destruction

3. Irresponsibility                                                         8. Blind Allegiance

4. Racism                                                                    9. Moral Cowardice

5. Ignorance                                                                10. Egoism      

                                                                                   11. Fruitless Debates


·        Combining faith and action to address society’s problems ONE GOD.

·        The family and community, and the community as family.

·        Putting the Welfare of the Community over the Welfare of the Individuals.

·        Collective Struggle, pursuing our non-racist victory  in concert with like-minded Sisters and brothers of every race.

·        Collective Struggle to create better living conditions for the most needy segment of society.

·        Being that unifying force which brings people together to exert focused energy on our common problems.

·        Showing by example how cohesiveness leads to the power necessary for people to determine their destinies.

·        The personal pursuit of ever-increasing levels of spirituality, humanity, genius, and social awareness.


            1. The absolute equality of all people

            2. The development of self-reliance in people of color

            3. The Absolute right to self-defense

            4. A disciplined response to systematic oppression

            5. A responsible use of Social Agitation

            6. The mobilization of the masses, especially young people

7. Against Laws that create genocidal environments among a certain class of people by abolishing the 13th Amendment

8. Bobby hemp 4 the Cure of Cancer Victims

9. Joe Mouth 4 Stop the H.A.T.E. STOP THE VIOLENCE

            10. Prison reformist- Adequate Resources for Prisoners

11. To create a union, venders etc. for Inmates, same as C/D’s Union in contrast to C/D’s owning (Walkenhorst-Capackage Vender).



          FROM A KAGE,


                          I WANT BACK WHAT YOU TOOK FROM ME.

                   THAT WHICH YOU NEVER GAVE ME,

                                      THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET.



              YOU SAY I HAD A CHANCE,



                                   IN A COMMUNITY BUILT ON STRIFE.


    (A CHANCE)

                          I BEG TO DIFFER



              WE’RE CATTLE.


       (A CHANCE)


SO I STRENGTHEN MYSELF, “IN The Mental, Physical, and Spiritual zone.”



A KAGE BROTHER’S CRY      6/28/05


10-3-14                                      (B.W.I.K.F)

Baby Mamas & Wives of Incarcerated K.A.G.E. Brothers Foundation:

The above proposed shall be conducted as follows!

(A). Obtain an all-woman staff, young and old, representing all walks of life. These ladies must have either a baby daddy, husband, father, son, etc. within the federal & state prison system.

(B). Obtain a home base for these ladies to meet and talk about their personal, family, job, and husband issues. Here they’ll bond while being pampered at the same time. Get their hair and nails done, eat snacks, watch chick flicks, and share resources.

(C). Obtain a big size family van. (Foot Note: Propose a deal with Ford or Chevrolet where they, the car company, can receive a tax write off for donating the use, or ownership of the vehicle).

(D). Open a P.O. Box for donations and mail.

(E). Open a trust account, as a kitty for of these women’s use, and assign one business minded and trustworthy person as C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer).

(F). Operation of funds goes to: Aid these women with gas money, money for food, money for photo tickets per visits. Also for emergency purposes, such as rent, medical bills, school supplies, etc.

Footnote: Each female member will upstart this foundation by putting up $50 to $100 dollars as an entry fee. Any funds taken away from the account must be replaced within 60 days.


Each lady is a sister act, a support system for the next sister whom is faced with the same sort of conditions with having a male counterpart within the prison system.


(1). All ladies will agree to each other’s sounding board anytime they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on. (Mutual Respect)

(2). All ladies will stay in contact with their incarcerated counterparts, write, send family & personal photos, give him moral support, assist him with his living conditions as relative as it might be to him. Meaning if it’s honest and serious.

(3). All ladies will make sure the fathers are able to have a relationship with the kids.

Any ideal that’s not contrary to the proposed is welcome. This is a branch of the K.A.G.E. Brothers of Christ mentor program.


Min. King William E. Brown Jr. T-58106

P.O. Box 7500 PBSP ASU






A Spike Lee and/or Michael Moore type of film.

DVD and/or movie proposal


                                                                                                 (Warrick Vs. Superior Court)

                                                                                                  [2005 35 Cal. 4th 1011] 29

                                                                                                  Cal. Rptr. 3d2, 112p. 3d2


            Based on the history of America’s crooked/dirty cops to the top people of authority. This will highlight the atrocities from the start of the slave trade, to the very present. It will illuminate and expose the unprofessional misconduct (from the Oakland Ryders, the L.A. Rampart, New Orleans PD and NYPD to name a few).

            This will be more than a movie, a documentary showing actual facts & incidents of police abuse etc. crooked cops on trial and getting off despite overwhelming evidence of guilt, and criminal defense lawyers requesting the courts to do ‘police pitches’ motions on those crooked cops, but the courts deny the submitted motions.

            We’ll expose the history & misconduct of the prisons (Pelican Bay SHU, Corcoran, Folsom HDSP, etc.) The connection within the ‘Blue &  Green wall,’ cover-ups, the faces behind the iron-fist and the velvet glove! ‘The good ol’ boys’ relations with the “White superior/supreme” courts. How the judges and D.A.’s used to be young skinheads and were brought up among klansmen and women as family members etc. Going from Hell’s Angels to D.A.’s, growing their hair, covering their tattoos, and attending law school. These men and women are groomed to become C.O.’s, police officers, and other governed bodies of influence.

            Expose the CDC Union and their governor’s pay-offs. The new legal (Plan-Tation) AKA Federal & State Priosn.

            This will lead to part two; (Movie: State Vs. Feds) [The difference between the two].

            Then, going into part three; (The discovery!) [Exposes all the dirt on the Rulers etc.]


(A UKB DOCUMENTARY)                                      Proposed By: P.F. The Fed Tyma,   CEO/President/General of the United KAGE Brothers



There are three possible aims of punishment; Restraint, Revenge, or Reform. Capitalism only seems to succeed at the first two; The Retributive and vengeful “Justice” of the present system has been a total and utter failure. Attempting to reform people through coercion and force can never succeed. Arguments based on fear and terror are never convincing. The institutionalized murder of the ‘death penalty’ has never had the slightest effect on violent crime figures, it amounts to no more than revenge. Prison, if it achieves anything, tends to perpetuate crime with minor offenders who often go on to commit greater crimes. Why not re-offend, if nothing has changed?

Capitalism cannot solve the problem. It creates the conditions which lead to most crimes. The supposed system of justice amounts to a closed cast of judges and legal professionals. These are initiated into a tangled web of complex rules and regulations, where any concept of justice or fair play intrudes purely, randomly.


                                                                                                [Pye Face, The Fed Tyma, UKB]


The black leather gloves, black leather coat, black click clack stumps. The black murder ones (AKA) Stay highs, shades. The afro sheen-shiny ‘fro, black fist held high in the East Bay. Grey skies and my black right to carry my black steel…

I am said to be a revolutionist in my sympathies, by birth, by breeding and by principle. I am always on the side of the revolters, because there was never a revolution, unless there was some oppressive and intolerable conditions against which to revolute 4 me and mines alike.

                                                                                    Min. King William E. Brown Jur. (AKA)                                                                                                                       P.F. The fed Tyma                                                                                     United Kage Brothers                                                                                     The left for dead movement.                                                                                                International Union.                                  

                               For more Video Review upon Request:

RE: Min. King William E. Brown Jr. #T58106 P.O. Box 7500 PBSP ASU Cresent City, CA 95532


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