Mario Woods Vigil

Tiny - Posted on 15 December 2015

Like many young men of color in America, Mario Woods was a young African American man who was fatally shot by the police. He was a young man who had many friends and family who loved him. He was murdered on December 2nd 2015 because the police thought he had a knife in his hand.

On December 7th my friends and I at Deecolonize Academy went to a vigil. The night was dark and we had to walk a couple of blocks to get there. They were holding the vigil at the place were Mario Woods was killed. It was near a municipal transport stop and grouped around the altar and fanning out all across the street, were about one hundred people.

They had an altar for Mario Woods and many people were there including his friends from the community and his mother. A couple of people were speaking at the vigil. “What happened to this brother yesterday was a direct product of Gentrification” said one supporter. After the vigil, everyone marched down to a town hall.

Mario Woods mother talked about the loss of her son and said that she did not want any other mothers to lose their sons like she did so we need to figure out a solution for these killings. My opinion about all of this is that it's another young man of color being killed and it needs to stop before anyone else gets killed.


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