Students March to City Hall for Mario Woods

Tiny - Posted on 15 December 2015

This story all started on December 2, 2015. A man named Mario Woods was killed at the age of 26. He was killed in a cold blooded murder. They said that Woods had a weapon in his hand but really he did not. So that is why Deecolonize Academy went to the march down in the Mission in San Francisco, a place that is ugly and beautiful all in the same. You can smell all the markets selling items and you can see they people in struggle all around.

There were three Deecolonize Studies who went. They were Kimo,Tyray and Tibu.There were about 80 people at the start of the the march, ages 12 to 16. More high school students arrived, and there were about 300 students all together. Chants were said all around like ''No Justice no peace the racist police!"

The students walked from the 16th and Mission bart to City Hall to let the city know that it is wrong for the black and brown people to get killed for reasons unknown most of the time. Deecolonize were at the march because they were invited and they knew that it was not right that another innocent person was killed by another trigger happy officer or shall I say trigger happy officers.

The Deecolonize students were there and Kimo and Tibu went up to say a few words That was the reason Decolonize went out there with the students because they knew it was wrong and they knew some day there will be no more police brutality.


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