Three Strikes/ Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 03 December 2015

Editors Note: Mr. Jose Villarreal is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents. As currently and formerly incarcerated poor and indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance with all plantation systems in Amerikkka, POOR Magazine stands in solidarity with all folks on the other side of the razor wire plantation.


Three Strikes


California's shameful legacy holding it's poor hostage,

locked in a fascist visegrip without a conscience. 

Don't touch that bread for your hunger may cost you your head,

a caste-like systemthat wold leave confederates in awe and withot all the dead. 


When stealing a burger gets you more time than a murder, the 

pulic decieved whent eh vehicles a pervert.

Using Amerika's pass time to steal oppressed lives,

The people's vicotry will be triple runs not fly's. 


Modern day slavery -  a new plantation,

lady liberty a waitress, and our bodies the concession.

500 years of their regurgitated scheme,

America' air conditioned nightmare was never a dream. 


By Jose H. Villarreal



Jose Villarreal's stage play "Worst of the Worst" has been accpeted by  Dell'arte International  Theatre and is set to showcase next fall.


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