Stop Selling out SOMA!

Tiny - Posted on 07 October 2015

It was a hot day and me and Deecolonize Academy went to a rally at City Hall. It was about the Beast on Bryant st.,RAD,Super-sizing SOMA and the Monster in the Mission. My class mates were all interviewing different leaders in all of these struggles.

I got an interview with a man named Raymond Castillo from SOMCAN. He told me why he was there, he said, ''We are taking over City Hall because we are not sell outs and we wont let them sell us out.''. Another thing that he said was, ''There are lot of lower and middle class people around where I live and building all these luxury condos is not the solution.'' And the last thing he said is that, ''The city should make real affordability of houses to prioritized the people instead of the profit.''

Super-sizing SOMA aka 5M will impact the Filipino community on the south of market because the 5M project will be 50,000 square feet. 

My opinion on all of this displacement that is happening is that its wrong and sick to put people on the streets so that some people can make huge profits.


Editors Note- Deecolonize Academy's Revolutionary Youth Media Education(RYME) class and POOR Magazine family re-ported and sup-ported on the huge rally called The City Takes City Hall on September 10th.. As low-income students of color these issues impact all of our children and their families so not only are they learning multi-media, writing and journalism, they are also learning how to resist the endless attack on their communities.


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