Nine More Lives

Tiny - Posted on 20 August 2015

Jose H. Villarreal

I woke up to the news that 9 people were murdered in South Carolina by a white supremacist in a church. I spent some time listening to the news and allowing it to register. It is an old story, but one that continues to be something that cannot be easy to get used to. It was a horrible act one that shouts the urgency of oppressed people to mobilize for their own interests.

The mainstream media has focused on that dam confederate flag, as if it was a FLAG which caused this horrific act. The flag was only a symbol of what it and the shooter represented and that is white supremacy. The state can burn every one of those flags and it won't change the actions that the flag represents and that is national oppression.

One can very much trade that confederate flag for the Amerikkkan flag and for many it would mean the same thing. The Amerikkkan flag has meant the same thing for the oppressed nations. Both flags have had poor people fighting for their lives for centuries. The brutality of both flags are locked together, tied and fused with the blood of the oppressed and then hung over our lands, and as we have seen over the caskets of those who died because of that rag.

The root cause of what occurred in South Carolina was not what was painted on a cloth, it was our social-political and economic reality of living under a colonial oppressor nation. The coward who walked into a church and shot innocent people, grandparents and people who welcomed him into their place of worship is only a physical manifestation Amerikkka. He was Amerikkka in the flesh.

This mass murder of church people, of new afrikan people is horrendous. But if we look to history (which is our best teacher) we will find more and more cases of such horrendous cases. It is an ongoing onslaught inflicted on the people. Amerikkka will continue to do so if we allow it. People need to see the urgency and necessity of coming together as a people and rebuilding our nations. We need to stop fantasizing that somehow we can assimilate into Amerikkka because we CAN'T and such atrocities keep reminding us that we can't.

When oppressed people wake up they will see that the Amerikkkan flag is just as oppressive as the confederate flag and it also needs to come down!


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