Shot While Running While Black in Amerikkklan

Tiny - Posted on 15 August 2015


(photo of Nate Wilks family by Tony Robles/PoorNewsNetwork)

“He was a loving young father, he was sharp, he was respectful to everyone and loved by his family he loved life, he had that New York swag, this killing has to stop,” Jasmine, one of several loving family members of 27 year old Nathaniel Wilkins, cried out to the crowd of over 110 people who billowed out of the tiny corner at 27th and Martin Luther King Bl in North Oakland to hold space for another Afrikan Mamaz sun, a young father and brother stolen from us all by the Po’Lice.

On August 12, 2015, Nathaniel Wilks, 27, born August 26th in New York city and father to a tiny beautiful baby girl named Kai’Lei was fatally shot in the back of his head as he slowed down with his hands up, back to the pigs, saying, "OK OK OK".  His girlfriends family and community resides in Hunters Point district of San Francisco.

“This is 4th shooting of a black man in Oakland this year, and justice still hasn’t been served for any of them.” Cat Brooks, leader with Onyx and Anti-Police Terror Project stated after launching the day with the pouring of libations for ancestors lost to amerikkklan violence. Cat chronicled the last 72 hours of Oakland Po’Lice lies, “We talked to 12 witnesses within the hour of the police murder and one thing that was a constant in each person’s account was that this young man was running away, his back was to the cops and they still shot him,”  Cat went on to paraphrase the gentrifier Mayor Shaaf’s assertion that this ( Nate’s murder) was ok because he was “suspected” of a crime.
The huge crowd that gathered on Friday, BlackAugust 14th at the Po’Lice murder scene at 27th & MLK where bullit holes had penetrated the gray fence behind us were directed to just “hold space” and it seemed that the crowd which grew with every minute, could not do much more. Our collective hearts were too heavy to keep in our chests. For me It was not just a murder of another young sun but the outright and almost arrogant way that these 21st century slave-catchers and stolen land protectors are picking off our people. African peoples, Native Peoples, Poor peoples are being killed by both private and governmental agents of the amerikkklan state with impunity. Extra-judicial killing as comrade and fellow truth warrior Jeremy Miller from Idriss Stelly Foundation called it

It seems like we were just at the protest for young brother, Demourria Hogg a few months back killed for sleeping while black in amerikkklan and then less than a month ago Richard Linyard after being chased down by Oakland police and killed. The flagrantly bullshit filled statements by Po’Lice and their enablers, kkkorporate media stated that he ran after being stopped and then the police found him already dead “wedged between two structures”.  Po’LICE telling his family that he died from choking on vomit. which to all of us who have seen these lies before know sounds like bullshit, as revolutionary soldier and mama of murdered African sun Idriss Stelley stated on the Facebook page Justice4Richard.

“How is it a lawyer for the Po”lice Officers Association (POA) came out within 24 hours with an autopsy for Nate and was speaking on behalf of the police?  an elder brother spoke on the weird cover-up that is already gathering around the Nate Wilks case. “Something isn’t right” he concluded.

“This family needs an independent autopsy, this is one of the only ways we will get justice, “ Cat Brooks concluded.

“We are here for justice, not just for our family, but for everyone, please help us get justice for us all.” the powerful words of Nates girlfriend Chemika whispered to the crowd while holding our future, little Kai’lei.

For more information go to the facebook page Justice 4 Nate Wilks page. To donate to the family for funeral expenses and to get an independent autopsy go to


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