the new mission

Tiny - Posted on 12 August 2015

being in the mission is becoming

like a benetton ad or like living

in disneyland—no longer a place

of everyday people knowing the

the hardness of daily life and yet

creating joy and beauty

out of a myriad of struggles


instead of theater, poetry, dance, music and art

expressing the aliveness of many cultures

indoor miniature golf and outdoor bowling

are the new cultural wave and bars with

twelve dollar cocktails are ongoing frat parties

and for those hip enough—everything

is an app away—yes, there are a mix of people

who play in their new discovered land

people who look like they’re from different

parts of the globe—but not those who built

this community—the working class irish and

italians or the mexicans who have lived here for

many generations or the refugees from war torn

countries in central and south america or immigrants

from all over asia or the african americans that came

from the east and south of the usa—yes the mission

always was a rainbow—a richness in culture

but now the mission is in great danger of being

a caricature of itself—while the homogenized

cut outs from late 1980’s ads for the united

colors of benetton who all favor the color green

play a new kind of multicultural fantasy

while stealing other people’s homes and dreams.


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