South Carolina terror

Tiny - Posted on 04 August 2015

Queenandi XSheba

Image: The Mississippi state flag, complete with symbol of terror

Dylann Roof is not the first ameriklan that rolls with this kind of hateful belief towards blacks. The terrorizing of Black people by whites is deeply rooted into this country. The slap in the face regarding this situation was how society sat in awe as if this was the first time that a white man in amerikkka had committed an act of terrorism, the part that has me in awe is that no one really looks at the war against blacks and other peoples of color as an act of terrorism. Matter of fact particularly in amerikkka, the slaughter of the black man and woman was advertised in newspapers and celebrated in the form of picnics aka "pick a nigger" and certain body parts were cut off and kept as souvenirs, some even were sent to political figures as gifts. In this country "nigger barbeques" was a  spectacular event one dared not miss! The act of terrorism disguised as festivities, imagine that!

It was a way of life- the declaration of genocide upon the "savage" Natives and the Black "beasts" all in the name of so-called pure white savagery, posing as missionaries. Not only was this an act of terrorism, but another failed attempt by the wicked ones to crush our spirits by infiltrating and crossing the threshold into "God and Mother Nature's sacred spaces", and boastfully taunting "where is your God now?!?" After the terrorist act in South Carolina, it is safe to say that the same old tactics are still being used.

It is not possible for a nation to fully and truly move on from the travesties of the past without healing and retribution. How can we say that Amerikkka has improved far as her attitude towards the stolen Africans that were brought here by force when our people, still in 2015 are being subjected to the same practices of discrimination and murder?

You cannot force the sons and daughters of the confederacy to love Black people or anyone else for that matter by taking away their flags. Racist and hurtful as it is nonetheless the confederate flag is a part of a bloody history that should not be swept under the rug as if this part of history never existed. To do so means that the legacies of the masses of people who lost their lives "in the name" of the confederate flag would also be forgotten.

Roof's tirade of how he is tired of blacks committing crimes against whites that goes unpunished sounds like the same, weak excuse that klansmen have always used to justify the lynchings/murders of Black people- the typical platform of the oppressed white man. Complaining and blaming others for his own inaccuracies, that INFERIOR way of thinking has cost a whole nation its true existence and made the ameriklan look like a hero.

More disunity? There are Black people who are beautiful, humble, forgiving souls despite the hell they continue to catch on a daily, and there are black folks who are beautiful, enraged and unyielding and ready to "go there". Disagreement seems to always be the stubborn barrier that keeps us divided therefore we take our eyes off the prize of who and what the agenda is because we are too busy at each other's throats thus stagnating our own struggle but will accept an outsider to come up with solutions for us.

When an amerikkklan opens fire on a group of humble churchgoers, why isn't that considered as an act of terrorism?
 POOR MAGAZINE'S Tiny says it best that this amerikkkan terrorist is "a perfect candidate for guantanamo bay" Was Senior pastor/Senator Clementa Pinckney's work and accomplishments  a threat to the Amerikkklan way and the whole thing was a set-up from the gate?
The movie "Ghosts of Mississippi" was playing on my television while I sat in a daze with tears flowing trying to understand why are we still going through the same hells of yesterday? Why are we still being terrorized by dullusional racist whytes who for some reason feel as if we are inferior gun-toting, 8ball drinking slavemassa-worshipping beast with a lesser value of life? And the real terror is that the laws of the land is designed to ensure that Blacks and other people's of color and indigenous backgrounds. But no one has ever heard of an amerikkkan terrorist, at least no one will admit it.


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