Notes From the Inside; All Power to the People

Tiny - Posted on 28 July 2015

Dr.Voodoo/ Plantation Prison Correspondent

Editors Note: Dr.Voodoo is one of several  power-FUL PNN Plantation correspondents who contribute to Poor Magazine Notes From the Inside, a column of planation resistors who needs your help to get justice.

Young folks I'm speaking from the belly of the beast. I've done 14 years in solitary confinement hell and isolation, not only ostracize from the general population (G.P.) of prisoners behind enemy lines but

I'm ostracize from society itself and all my grassroots writings is under the watch eyes of the boogey man agents. The boogey man system of capitalistic greed and imperialism is real, and we the people's on the bottom of this well organize criminal pyramid structure system must know and understand we are dealing with a monster I call “ Boogey man.

People's power and power to the people is a reality we must create or we out, because no matter what color u are almost everybody selling their souls for a jelly roll to survive. For example, you have so called slave negroes enforcing the racist laws of the racist system to warehouse and black men and the poor population, check out that fool slave negro Clarence uncle Tom Tomas who now sit on the United Snakes Supreme Court, that negro slave ain't my brother and no good to the struggling poor masses.

I'm an Afrikan soul brother and I don't care what color you are. It's what you stand for that makes us kinfolks to give power to the people's draconian bias racist laws is pass every year to warehouse the poor population, and the one's who's enforcing these bias laws have a green light to kill us or incarcerate us with impunity because its the poor on the bottom that's being gun down and terrorized by these agent criminal thugs of all colors.

The pigs and the court system are hired guns to enforce the boogey man rule to keep us in check to start a revolution.

The boogey man system doesn't care if your black, white, Asian, Latin, radical, green peace activists, etc. because these agents will kill you or put you behind bars if one continues to go against the grain, and they believe me they do not care if your young or old.

Read the book Agents of Oppression, that terrorist J Edgar Hoover spied and used co-intelpro “counter intelligence program as a tool to crush the grass roots liberation struggles of the 60's and what that boogey man created under co-intelpro is still being used today to spy on you young folks because you are all grassroots conscious.

Yes this boogey man is spying on you all now as we write and speak to each other, and please don't get it twisted, this beast boogey man is watching you all and got you under the gun now.

Truth be told we the masses on the bottom have nothing to lose anyway but our chains, and you wouldn't believe how evil these draconian courts is prosecuting the poor population and California is the worst in the nation. Capitalism and greed is like Dracula. It's designed to suck the blood and drain the resources out of everything, this boogey man monster systems use and buy other countries and peoples like slaves, so its hard to fight this beast, but we have no choice but to organize, unify, struggle, and fight a good fight.

I'll rather stand and fight with the peoples and die before I side up with this boogey man: young folks don't sell your soul for a jellyroll because it's a good feeling when you know your on the side of the righteous and your heart will be at peace. I've been down for 22 years and my heart at peace because I'm writing to inspire your spirit to struggle and bring into existence people's power to determinate our own destiny, peace, harmony, unity, love, balance, and mathematics.


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