Notes From The Inside; While Men And Women Weep

Tiny - Posted on 21 July 2015

Brother Shabazz/Plantation Prison Correspondent

Editor's Note: Brother Shabazz is one of several power-FUL PNN Plantation correspondents who contribute to Poor Magazine notes from the inside, a column of planation resistors who needs your help to get justice.


While Men And Women Weep

As they do now, i'll fight for their rights

To be free,

While little children go hungry as they do now,

I will try to feed them with the truth so they will

Never go hungry.


While men go to prison

In and out as they do now,

I'll fight to be free and stand on

The word of god!


While there is a poor lost girl or boy

In the streets,

With no where to go,

I will try to lead them

To the right way.


While there remains one lost dark soul

With no cause

And is confused about who they are

And don't know the truth,

Then i'll fight to the very end

To let them know!!!


By Brother Shabazz

AKA T. Yeargin


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