Notes From The Inside; Three Strikes

Tiny - Posted on 21 July 2015

Jose H. Villarreal/Plantation Prison Correspondent

Editor's Note: Jose H. Villarreal is one of several power-FUL PNN Plantation correspondents who contribute to Poor Magazine notes from the inside, a column of planation resistors who needs your help to get justice.


Three Strikes

California's shameful legacy holding it's poor hostage, locked in a fascist visegrip without a conscious.

Dont' touch that bread for your hunger may cost you your head, a caste – like system that would leave confederates in awe and without all the end.


When stealing a burger gets you more time than a murder, the public deceived when the vehicles a pervert.

Using Amerika's pass time to steal oppressed lives,

The people's victory will be tripled runs not fly's.

Modern day slavery – a new plantation,

Lady liberty a waitress, and our bodies the concession.

500 years of their regurgitated scheme,

Amerika's air conditioned mightmare was never a dream.


By Jose H. Villarreal



Editor's Note: Jose has a new book, available at Please check it out


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