The Community Wins

Bad News Bruce - Posted on 07 July 2015


The Community Wins By Tibu

I was evicted more times than I can count for my whole life. I never really realized that there was someone deliberately causing my family to move all over the place and that there were other people like me who dealt with the same thing. These families are among those people who I can relate to.


The cool morning air hit me like a wet washcloth, cold and unyielding. As we came upon the alley that was Natoma St. I realized when I got there that much misfortune had befallen that house of the 512 addresse. Most of the house's paint was peeling off and most of the wooden railings of the buildings did not have nails holding them in place.


The owner of the house sold it to a real estate agent named Evan Matteo part of the Big Tree Properties Inc. He then started passing out three day notices like they were candy on the day of Hallows Eve. “this city is not prioritizing the needs of women children and elders” said Tina Shaft, Member of a powerful activist group called the MIGRANTE organization.


For two long years the tenants fought for to stay in the house But finally retrieved the house from the clutches of Big Tree .Today we were there in celebration that the community finally won.



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