Notes from the Inside;What About Us!

Tiny - Posted on 07 July 2015

Timothy Yeargin/ Plantation Prison Correspondent

Editor's Note: Timothy Yeargin is one of several power-FUL PNN Plantation correspondents who contribute to Poor Magazine notes from the inside, a column of planation resistors who needs your help to get justice.

This is about young men and older men who seem to forget about others who were left behind. Our children, our mothers always told us about running around, not having a job nor thinking of our children. But some of us said, "Mother, you don't know; just stay off my back." Sometimes your sisters or brothers would ask , "When are you going to have some time for us? " Now when you go to jail or prison, whom do you call, your mother or your wife? But when you were out, you didn't even care! Now your family and children are saying, "But what about us!" But most of us say It's going to be alright. I will be out soon, but you never show. What about us! Again, some of us say to our sisters or our baby's mothers, "Send me some money." You know how it goes. But your sister and your baby's mother is saying that your children need some shoes and some new clothes too, so they will not be able to do it this month. Then you get upset, not thinking about them, but thinking of yourself. What about us! Do you even care?


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