Notes From The Inside; Locked up for 20 years

Tiny - Posted on 23 June 2015

Maurice Maynard Washington/Plantation prison correspondent

Editors Note: Maurice is one of several power-FUL PNN Plantation correspondents who contribute to Poor Magazine notes from the inside, a column of plantation resistors who need your help to get justice.

My name is Maurice Washington. 43 yrs. of age. From Watts, California. I have been locked up for 20 years under California's unjust Three Strike Law. I was supposed to have done only 10 years. Because, I'm black and broke. The system refuse to honor my constitutional violation. I came in in prison with a Second Grade Education. Here today I stand determined to educate the youth on importance of education.

The truth is that I been locked up 20 years under this unjust Three Strike Law. When actually I have 1 strike. Its at least 10 years of false imprisonment

Its our obligation to educate the youth. Break this cycle of ignorance and build to grow, evolve and become liberated from this racist establishment enclosed are what I'm currently doing and plan to do when free... need help to get out...

Strength is where we come from; strength is where we shall return... I'll end how I started with genuine respect. Continue to evolve, if we're not building we're decaying.

The book online at Amazon. My Life, My Awakening. Author , Maurice Maynard Washington. My life, my awakening Viol. 3 (Adhering To Universal Laws.) Deals with metaphysical teachings from a Black perspective. Chapters of such. The Black Thought A Universal Application Of My Mathematical Blackness. Children Of The Revolutionary Suicide. Mystical Insights Into Physical War, and many more.


Authors Note: Maurice Maynard Washington needs a lawyer he has been locked up for 20 years. His contact information:


Washington, Maurice CDC# H-45297

CSP – Los Angeles County

P.O. Box 4490

Lancaster, CA. 93539


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