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Tiny - Posted on 19 June 2015

Rommie Whittaker

Recently while going to Best Buy to make a purchase I walked into the store carrying a small box which shouldn't seem to out of the ordinary in these times of of reuse and recycle unless of course if you're black or brown!

Upon entering the store I was greeted by a store representative and store security.

I walked around the store briefly and then got the item I was shopping for. The line wasn't extremely long but long enough that security would have been able to see me in it if they glanced around and certainly notice me paying for something.

After making my purchase and exiting the store, security asked me if I made any purchases. I indignantly and resentfully answered in the affirmative and exited the store.

After exiting I turned almost immediately back around and asked why he asked if I had made any purchases [ many people enter stores without purchasing for various reasons there is no law against that !] He looked rather nervous I'm sure because he wasn't expecting somebody he just profiled to respond in such a way.

Immediately the greeter stated "It's o.k. I asked him to do it because you came inside with a box."

I'm sure if I had been a clean cut well dressed white man he would have just assumed that I was doing exactly as recycling and reusing.

I left quite angrily as a loyal customer should not have to.

I took an online survey as requested on the receipt and mentioned the incident but so far have got no response. Upon subsequent visits to the store I have seen the same greeter peering at me nervously but have not received an apology from him or his employers.

The most painful thing about such incidents is it is almost always people of color in security positions who profile poor and or people of color.


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