PNN-TV:DaVon Ellis & Mike Brown- Deecolonize Academy Youth Skola Report

Tiny - Posted on 13 May 2015

Police Terror Update: Mike Brown and Davon Ellis

Stop the killing of young teens of color

by: Malia Lapota/PNN RYME Youth Skola


I am a 17 year old Tongan girl living in the ghetto of East Oakland. I am a senior at Coliseum College Prep Academy. I was born in New Zealand and moved here when I was just 5 years old. As I grow older, I realize how dangerous Oakland can be. I can see the dangers and struggle that communities of color face each day, whether it's on the streets, at home, or in school. I am just another person going through the struggle and dangers just like everyone else. I am a victim of rape and sexual assault, just like young teens are a victim of unnecessary murder.


Some victims of unnecessary murder are Davon Ellis (shot in Oakland, CA), and Mike Brown (shot in Ferguson, MO). Davon Ellis was a 14-year old African-American teen who shot while walking home with his friends. Davon Ellis was a freshman at Oakland Tech High School and was also a all-star football player for his football team. The suspect for Davon's murder was arrested a couple weeks later. The suspects was arrested for speeding in Hayward, CA and while he pulled over he shot at the police officer. But police officer forgot to notify parents about the arrest of the suspect. When they found out that the suspect was arrested they was thrilled and relieved that the person that shot their son was in custody.


Another victim of unnecessary murder was Michael Brown. Michael Brown was a 18 year old African-American boy who was shot by a police officer. The police officer thought he had a gun when Mike Brown was cuffed on the ground. But an anonymous source states that Officer Darren Wilson says that he was pinned to his car. He also stated that Mike Brown hit him and reached for his gun. Officer Darren Wilson said his gun fired twice in his police car, one hit Brown and the other missed, but officials says that it does not explain the rest of the time that Mike Brown was shot.


I feel that police officers cover up for the mistakes they make. People of color are being killed due to these police officers shooting innocent people. As a person of color, we all face the same things as everyone else. We have as much rights to walk down the street with a hoodie on, rights to be the color that we are, and rights to be human beings in this society.


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