PNN-TV; Walter Scott- Deecolonize Academy Youth Skola Po'Lice Terror Report

Tiny - Posted on 12 May 2015

I am Kimo James reporting on PNN.T.V I'm here talking about another black man who was killed by another white cop.Walter Scott was shot 5 times in the back.

And because he was shot in the back Walter Scott died.

We know this because a person was lucky enough to witness the . cop shoot him down in cold blood, a 55 year old man.

The background of Walter Scott was he was a member of the Coast Guard, He was discharged because of a drug related incident, After that he had four children but also had ten arrests on his police records and also owed child support and because of this is why the cops pursued him.

My opinion on this is cops are getting more lazy and use their weapons more than ever.

This is Kimo James Reporting From PNN TV out.


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