PNN-TV: Malcolm X Day by Youth SKolaz at Deecolonize Academy

Tiny - Posted on 06 May 2015

Letters, Words, Poems & Memories from Youth Skolaz at Deecolonize Academy's Revolutionary Youth Media Education Class for Malcolm X

Dear Malcolm X,
By Ana Lapota/PNN/RYME Youth Skola
Thank you for all you've one. You've helped touch hearts, change perspectives, and make people aware. You helped people to believe not only in themselves, but in others as well. If I were you I would refuse to be known with a colonizers name as well. Your speeches are a reminder to people that the toughest thing a person can go through is losing faith in themselves and the idea of justice. There are no limitations for us revolutionaries in life because as long as we believe we will succeed. It's like my little sister always says, “ Don't tell me the sky is the limit when we have footprints on the moon.” Because of you we are stronger, and able to fight with twice as much desire for a better tomorrow.

Dear Malcolm X
By Queenah /PNN RYME Youth Skola
You were a good leader and you know your history. And when you said your first speech it was good cause you talked about slavery and how you did not know your father's last name and your grandfather's last name.

When Malcolm x was on a interview with a white man he was telling the truth about his people that was a slave in his family.

Dear Malcolm X,
Heidy Serrano/PNN/RYME Youth Skola
Thank you for speaking the truth and standing up for people of color. Without you and other amazing peoples work who knows what would be of us. Thanks to you people are standing up and following your teachings. The work you have done its truly incredible and inspiring. People now are doing amazing work in your name. Thank you for believing in the equality for everyone. For standing up for women. Just thank you for everything. Like you have said we shouldn't hate our culture or the color of our skin, we should be thankful for it. You make me proud of who I am.

Dear Malcolm X
By Kimo Umu/PNN/RYME Youth Skola
Thank you for being the people who risk their life. And for us to be proud of our self and not to hate each other . Inspiring people to be what we want to be. Without you (and others) wed be shining shoes for the white man.

Dear Malcolm X
By Tiburcio/PNN/RYME Youth Skola
It was your name that changed you from everyone else you thought about everyone even your self. You used evolution to cause a revolution. You fought the constitution before technical pollution. Malcom X was really cool cause' he made O' connor look like a fool.

Dear Malcom X
By Ty’Ray Taylor/PNN -RYME Youth Skola
Thank you for making this world better as much as u were able to

When I was watching your interview you were representing your culture and what you believed

I learned a lot about you at Deecolonize Academy and Meadows Livingstone school. I think that you were trying to stand up for your rights and the worlds rights- BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY


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