Funky chicken from the food pantry !

Muteado - Posted on 03 March 2015

Rommie Whittaker

It is no secret that San Francisco is the third most expensive city in the world to live in.

For poor folks we must come up with creative and sometimes tried and true methods of survival when often 2/3 or more of our monthly income goes to rent.

One such methods for many is relying on local soup kitchens or food pantries to get staples and components of meals if not entire meals.

Recently after standing in a long line at Jones memorial Church on Post st, where people often argue and attempt to cut others in line, I made a very awful discovery. I received many fresh fruits vegetables as well as several other odds and ends I also received a pack of frozen chicken.

I brought all of my groceries home immediately and refrigerated everything that needed to be including the chicken so it would thaw.

This occurred on a Saturday morning.

Monday afternoon after taking the now thawed chicken out of the refrigerator so I could wash and prepare it I noticed that the blood was not red but brown !

I thoroughly washed it and upon further inspection I noticed the awful odor of rotting flesh and noticed the odd color of the chicken and was so appalled I immediately threw it away.

I looked up the number of the food bank and attempted to contact the appropriate party or department.

As the pre-recorded message indicated and was not able to get through. After being so disgusted I did not bother attending the food pantry the following Saturday.

This is a serious issue especially during flu and cold season where somebody who’s sense of smell could be compromised especially a person with a otherwise compromised immune system as this could have literally killed them !


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