You Are My Brother- Why Would You Hit Me? /RYME Youth Skolaz MArch & Re-port Against PoLice Terror

Tiny - Posted on 17 December 2014

Heidy/PNN RYME Skola

“What is it about your uniform that you find more value in a barricade, which is a piece of iron then you do in my life?” Tyrese a young student that was protesting in Berkeley said.

Tyrese got hit with a baton by an African American officer when he supposedly touched the barricade. Tyrese defended himself saying that he did not touch it because he was holding up a sign.

“You are my brother, why would you hit me? I’m not armed. I’m a young activist who got knowledge of self and i’m trying to make things better-why would you hit me.. I’m the only Black guy out here and you’re a Black cop out here.. Why would you hit me like that.” Concluded Tyrese.

The crowd, after seeing what happened wanted  to lash out at the police but many people in the crowd wanted the protest to stay peaceful.

It’s been two weeks now of the ongoing protests in Berkeley. In one protest police officers tear gassed the crowd even though there were students in the crowd.

The protests are for the cause of police brutality. Thousands of protesters for over two weeks have been there to fight for the cause to stop police brutally because all lives matter and they don’t deserve to die by the hand of some cop.

It’s very powerful what people are doing in Berkeley, and I’m very proud of my school and my friend Ana for joining in the movement and walking out of the school. My school was one of the high schools that walked out and protested and I’m shocked that the protest went so well and we are getting more awareness for police brutality and why it should be stopped.


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