"I Will Not Stop Until I Get Justice"- The 1st Convening of the California Network for Revolutionary Change

Tiny - Posted on 26 October 2014

"I will not stop until i get justice for my sun and all of our young people, said Frank Alvarado Sr, teacher and father of one of four po'lice shooting victims in Salinas who spoke at the 1st convening of the California Network for Revolutionary Change(CRNRC) spearheaded by Author, Poet Luis Rodriguez, his beautiful partner poet and cultural worker Trini Rodriguez, their sun and revolutionary Ramiro Rodriguez, comrade and revolutionary lawyer Anthony Prince and many more.

One after the other the humble mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, teachers, tias, tios, and abuel@s of Salinas stood up in the convening and related their resistance efforts to Po'Lice terror and murder that has been plagueing their community for generations and has increased in recent years.

The location of the first convening was chosen because, in the words of Luis, "the Network isn't about reinventing wheels or starting new "non-profits" but instead to support the work that's already being done across the state." Luis who ran a powerful governors race in CalifAztlan and is now the official poet laureate of this poverty skolaz home-town, Los Angeles, also noted, that in so many of our revolutionary efforts, we tend to get caught in fighting each other instead of the oppressors who we organized to fight against.

The California Network of Revolutionary Change (CNRC) is focused on building with existent struggles and resistance efforts across the state to end poverty and economic distress,  fight Police/Judicial abuse, Discrimination and for Environmental Justice, Urban Peace/World Peace/Anti-War, Labor Rights and a liveable Minimum Wage.

"Since the Oakies, this kind of oppression has happened here of poor people, poor workers," said Salinas City Councilmember Jose Castaneda and Community/Labor Activist Ana Barrera two peoples who move with revolution in the halls of wite-supremacist Amerikkkan poltricks with conscious to, as i call it "Infiltrate to Liberate" and get justice for their people. Other poets and leaders like Xago Luis Jaurez and Jose Gonzalez also spoke on their work to liberate through poetry, art and action.

Salinas or Ailisal, as the migrante, indigenous peoples who work, build and live in that deeply segregated, old-skool wite-supremacist run community call it, have launched several powerful actions and movements to resist their young peoples oppression including the fight to not build a giant juvenile hall, to fight the insanely high drop-out/push-out rate, poetry, art and story-telling to fight more corporate charterization of our schools and measures G & H which would actually bring more- PoLicing into their communities from the scared wite-minority/wealth-hoarders and land-stealers trying to hold onto their decreasingly important old-guard . 

The 1st convening of CRNRC was attended by a power-FUL cross section of poets, teachers, workers and leaders from across the state including the deeply revolutionary Brown Berets and members of BAMN, both groups directly involved in fighting the racist po'lice terror in Santa Rosa and Po'Lice oppression on our supposedly public universities as well as poets, authors and indigenous revolutionaries like Mariano Alvaret from the Movimiento Cultural de la Union Indigena who spoke in his original, pre-colonial language to the convening which we at POOR Magazine believe is an important part of any revolutionary effort so us indigenous poor peoples in resistance can begin to decolonize our communities and our minds and take this stolen land back and give it to the indigenous peoples who work and live and care for it
We must continue to name disability when we talk about Po'Lice Terror, " said POOR Magazine's own Leroy Moore, also the founder of Krip Hop Nation who long with poet/teacher Muteado SIlencio and myself who traveled as part of a POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE and Homefulness poor people-led contingent to the convening to ensure that indigenous peoples/poor peoples continue to be seen as experts or poverty skolaz as we call it, and are leading liberation movements that impact liberate all of us from the systems that continue to oppress us.
"As we launch this revolutionary effort we must also remember our spirit which guides us always, words of medicine and love from poet and organizer," Trini Rodriguez began this beautiful day with indigenous medicine. Trini who along with Luis and many other power-FUl poets and community members work to keep the fire of art and poetry that is Tia Chuchas in Southern CalifAztlan.

As a follow-up email by Anthony Prince stated, "At the CRNRC's 1st convening's conclusion, some 40 front line grassroots leaders from all corners of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, Salinas, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Santa Rosa agreed to serve as an Interim Statewide Steering Committee for the Network to imagine and begin to organize for a "New California"

As the POOR Magazine revolutionary Service van got back on the dusty roads of Mama Earth, Madre Tierra, i prayed for this humble movimiento, and for all of us po' folks, indigenous warriors, artists, families and poets still oppressed by the people who think they own it. Ometeotl! Ase, Aho...

For more information on how to get involved in the CRNRC go to http://canetworkforrevolutionarychange.org/


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