PNN-TV: Denika Chatman from Kenny Harding Jr Foundation on Deep East TV

Tiny - Posted on 13 October 2014

PNN-TV; Denika Chatman from Kenny Harding Jr Foundation speaks/teaches at Street Newsroom on Deep East TV to Youth Skolaz at Deecolonize Academy

Deecolonize Academy is a multi-generational home-skoo which happens on the sacred land at Homefulness launched by mama skolaz, uncle skolaz from Healthy Hoodz, POOR Magazine and Hekau Divine Youth Acdemy

Homefulness is a self-determined landless peoples movement in Deep East Ohlone Land on Black Arthur in CalifAztlan, Turlte Island

Deep East TV is filmed every thursday at Street Newsroom at Homefulness - 8032 BlackArthur bl along with a free healthy meal shared with community at the Sliding Scale Cafe


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