My Ghost Will Haunt This Place Forever

Tiny - Posted on 18 March 2014

Until the bulldozer scrapes the landscape of this plantation,
I'll remain.
My phantasm in residence
Long after my body is unchained.

Strange to think I ever see
That day from where I'm sitting now.

But that's the illusion they want me to believe in--
That I'm never getting out.

I know better at some level
That I consciously keep submerged and hidden.
Lest the overseer see it in my eye,
And decide to kick my shit in.

My spirit must always appear to be broken.
My shoulders round in defeat.
No elbows out, or nose open in defiance
Compliance evident, Colonization Complete.

But as I said, My Ghost, My Ghost,
Will haunt this place.
Will always be here waiting for
The bulldozer that brings the smile back to my face.


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