Rise Up and Walk

Tiny - Posted on 18 March 2014

Rise Up and Walk.

That's what Mom said.
But the thing is, I couldn't--
I was already dead.
It isn't like I didn't know how,
I used to love walking...One foot
After the other, just eating
Up the distance between where I was and
Where I wanted to be...

It was good, good to walk,
And as I walked and sometimes stopped to talk to people I met,
Or the animals I'd see along the way, I would
Even have
A word or 2 for the flowers
Along my path,
The ancient trees who leant me shade, or
Clouds that trailed lazily along with me.

Sometimes I even spoke to the Man.
The one who wanted me to get up,
And get walking again. I assume that's the reason
He was talking to me now.
When I thought about it and remembered how
I would sometimes ask him for things, beg Him for help.
Curse Him in my pain, and he would take it
All in stride, as long as I
Kept on walking.

So I guess that explains why He told me to do it.
Thank You.


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