I Am NOT Your Indian Anymore- No Mo' Mascots Protest March 31st

Phillip Standin... - Posted on 18 March 2014

Leontyne Smith, PNN

Co-editors Note: On March 31st @ 6p Join the Protest Against more fetishizing Corporate Sports Mascots in front of The Oakland Coliseum

In Newsroom for March 2014 I was ecstatic listening to Josh Cadji talk about his family from Morocco yet they do not identify as African, instead middle-class Jewish. He grew up in Los Angeles, and lived a life of joy. He does not like the injustices against the Native Americans within this country. I asked him why he cares so much for a race that is not his own, never having lived on a reservation. He explained that he sees himself as an ally not directly affected by the Indians' racial conflicts, not as victim but supporter.

Josh is hosting an event in the Bay Area. Food drinks and fun to raise money for the organization and advertise the beauty of diversity. The theme is called "IM NOT YOUR INDIAN ANYMORE: FUNDRAISING PARTY" (Party ccurred this past weekend, March 15th). There are protests against the Cleveland Indians' use of racist anti-Native images at the Oakland Coliseum and AT&T Park, March 31st and April 25th. For all the information you can go to the main website of AIM (American Indian Movement). You can follow up with this history to get a backdrop of what is going on in the world of indigenous organizing and life.

AIM's publications, images, merchandise, and logos are intended to be used only by American Indian Movement affiliated Chapters, AIM members, and AIM support groups and related organizations found to be in good standing with the American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council, AIMGGC. AIM has an aggressive copyright policy and has to keep their publications and etc. really closely protected.

They are forced to take this action due to the fact that several individuals, wannabes, frauds, phonies, rip-off artists, etc. for some time have expropriated their Trademarked intellectual and cultural property rights. With deceit and treachery, they have attacked the leadership of the American Indian Movement. Additionally, they have carried on a campaign to foment disruption and confusion among our friends and supporters nationally and worldwide. Moreover, some are soliciting financial support by using the American Indian Movement and/or the Leonard Pettier Defense Committee to line their own pockets.

Membership in the American Indian Movement is open to all people of goodwill nationally and internationally upon request.

AIM policies about knowing who they organize with has everything to do with people appropriating native images, native culture, and even native social movements for liberation. The event Josh helped to host this past weekend deals with similar issues of cultural approriation and undermining the dignity of American Indian peoples.

Thank you Josh for being a thoughtful ally!


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