A Crime to BE Sick

Phillip Standin... - Posted on 14 January 2014










A Crime to BE Sick

by Michael Glynn


Do the math of this shit people

There’s a plague on the streets

They say it’s a crime to be sick

If your disease is addiction

The addicted are afflicted if they suffer and fail to effectively battle that from which they ail

They are found guilty and locked up in prison or jail.

I’m sick I’m sick I’m sick

No medicine for me

Just lock me in a f***ing cell

Hell, throw away the key

It’s not free It’s not just me

It’s not your problem, yet, but just wait and see

You’re going to find a tipping point, from which, you will never recover, just pray you got a plan

For that, you’ll probably need another

Another Prison, Another Jail

Another junkie in a cell

Another man, Another woman

Sick of all the lies you tell

I’m not the problem, the problem is not I

The solution to the problem, isn’t anything you’ve tried

More pigs More guns, More laws to Break

How’s that been working out?

Less money for education and healthcare

More drugs than ever now!

Make another Law. I break another law.

I’m sick, sick, sick

You make me a criminal, but I’m only afflicted

Addicted and I’m now a soldier in this war

And as you lose this fight remember who picked it!

You b****es with badges and holier than thou mindsets

Just remember when you’re under the gun you aimed at the Sick, sick, sick motherf***ers

The medicine you sell for this disease is going to be what kills you


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