Homefulness is Healing-Help us Manifest this Vision in 2014

Tiny - Posted on 23 December 2013

Climate Change is Mama Earth in pain…Homefulness is Climate Healing...Gratitude and love to you all for helping us get this far  Please help us take the next humble step towards self-determined,landless peoples  liberation with your Revolutionary Donations


Message from Muteado Silencio, Poverty, Migrante/Indigenous Skola; Prensa POBRE/POOR Magazine......
Because of all of your revolutionary donations and community reparations, every Thursday at Homefulness, come rain or shine, us poverty skolaz set up what we call the Street Newsroom and the Sliding Scale Café, which is us providing and sharing free, healthy, non-GMO-filled hot food and organically grown greens from the newly built community gardens at Homefulness called the Pachamama Garden & A Garden for Trayvon with our fellow Poverty Scholars in East Oakland. This is at a time when major cuts have been made to many public assistance programs and resources which we depend on and need such as food stamps, for we know and understand how critical it is to support our community to have healthy hot meals.

We have also launched the Community Building Circle, which led a multi-racial, multi-generational Revolutionary Work Day grading the land for our first straw bale house. We launched the Revolutionary Summer Camp for East Oakland youth, our second Healing the (Neighbor) Hood event and so much more (see the below list of 2013 activities). 

These are only a few examples of the decolonized, self-determined, landless peoples movement known as Homefulness activating deep interdependent, off-plantation change for all of us.  Now we are trying to keep going with the vision and build our first home, which will house houseless families and elders. Can you help us?

Message from Lex Horan, Inter-dependent Community Reparator and Good Son/Solidarity Family at POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE
Building Homefulness is exquisitely beautiful, but it isn’t idyllic or smooth. To anyone like me who isn’t in daily struggle to get by, let’s hold that close and try to remember it. There’s desperation, like there is in every fight for survival. Homefulnesss is bringing us closer to a world where land, food and housing are for all of us, where they aren’t stolen from the hands of poor people to be sold at a profit. And until that day comes, those of us who have cash, land, race privilege or access have the honor and responsibility of making reparations to poor-people-led movements. 

Homefulness is possible, it is moving, it is urgent, and it’s what we all need. Please do what you can to match the courage of Homefulness with the resources you have.

We are on the verge of creating the first homes at Homefulness. With your help, we can lay the foundation for several houses and begin building straw-bale homes early in 2014. At this exciting and important moment, one of our longtime donors has offered a $10,000 matching grant. With your community reparations, we can make homes at Homefulness a reality, literally any day now. 

From all of us to all of you: Ase-O, Ometeotl, Semign Cacona Guari, Aho… 

2013 Activities 
Throughout the year, poor youth, adults and elders in resistance created radio, video and online media in the midst of all of our core poor-people-led projects, actions and advocacy below is a small sampling of what we did in 2013.

Bed Bug Flash Mob at the Travelodge Motel.
PeopleSkool Spring 2013: 14 youth and adult poverty skolaz & 5 mentees graduated from Revolutionary Radio, On-line Journalism and Theatre of the POOR with good daughter & Sun certificates from PeopleSkool
• Co-sponsored, supported Krip-Hop festival for Black Herstory Minute (Month)
• Launched a multi-layered media-organizing effort in coalition with student leaders to fight the corporate takeover of the City College of San Francisco, one of the largest people’s colleges in the nation 
• Created several ongoing WeSearch investigations on gentriFUKation
• Media-organized against Po’Lice brutality of the Rapada Family
Homeless Bill of Rights 
Born N Raised in Frisco: Words, Art & Herstory from a Displaced Colonized City (POOR Press): Book release and seed planting
• Launched the Poor Peoples Plate, a poetic organizing project to center food justice and the anti-GMO movement in the voices of us poor folks who are the most impacted by corporate poisoning
Healing the (Neighbor) Hood @ Homefulness: Art, Movement, Ceremony and Medicine: A power-full two-day event that rooted healing in poor communities of color 
Revolutionary Youth, Arts & Permaculture Summer Camp at Homefulness: 15 students in poverty ages 7-21 learned about permaculture, GMO poisoning and how to grow their own food in their own communities
Garden for Trayvon launched by the youth skolaz who were participants in the summer camp
Cooking Our Cultures: Youth skolaz in poverty in San Francisco learned how to decolonize their own diets through their own youth-led Wesearch and hands-on cooking projects.
Prison Hunger Striker Correspondents: Re-launched our “Notes from the Inside” column by our brothers and sisters incarcerated in plantation prisons 
• PeopleSkool Fall 2013: 15 poverty skolaz, 5 youth skolaz and 4 mentees
Revolutionary Work Day at Homefulness: A huge and beautiful intergenerational construction day preparing the sacred land at Homefulness  
-ThrownOutByTwitter- Theatre of the POOR action in collaboration with over 10 CBO's against tech billionaires displacing poor folks one tweet at a time
• First Herstorical Inter-Generational Council at Homefulness: A powerful meeting of community leadership and accountability that will be our template for a no-Po’Lice zone and decision-making at Homefulness
• Mercado de Cambio/tha Po’ Sto


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