Pop Pop - Connect the Genocidal Dots

Tiny - Posted on 23 October 2013

Pop Pop-Connect the Genocidal Dots

Dedicated to Andy Lopez, Kenny Harding Jr, Idriss Stelly, Ernesto Duenez Jr James Rivera Jr, Kayla Moore, Derrik Gaines Jr, Mario Romero, Kerry Baxter Jr, Oscar Grant and so many more...


Our Babies have Been Shot
By these Occupying Armies Called

But Wait,
This Happened Before...

Connect the Genocidal Dots
Its jus that the True Her-Story is
Never Taught!!!
Po PoP -Conneck the Dots
Stealing Our Land,Culture
Killin Our Babies &
Calling us Slaves
To be Sold & Shot
Pop Pop-  Conneck the Dots
They Came Wit Guns & Can-nons
Shooting us Unless We Became Them
& then Leaving Us to Rot
Pop Pop - Connect the Dots
They Had Names Like ColumBuS, Magellan and JefferSon
So Close Yo Eyes-
Focus On the His-Torical Lies
Think About it
Fo A Minute
Moody, Mehserle & Joseph are their new names
They Just Riding
On a New Ship

Pop Pop Conneck the Dots
Thats the Sound of Tasers & Gunshots
& These Are 21st Century Slave-catchers, Missionaries, & Saviors
Killin Us wit they Missions, Traditions,
Po'Lice & Prisons

So Let's Stop the Pop Pop

& Truly Conneck the Dots
Let's Try Another Sound That begins
In Our Ancestors Time
Rooted in the Medicine of a Decolonized Mind
Where Our Black, Brown, Po Warriors Lives
aren't Labeled A Crime
Where Creator, Great Spirit, Orixas and Ancestors are Welcomed to Shine
Where Safety & Security NEVER has to mean a 911 Call
Or A Yellow Po'Lice Line


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