I AM: Youth Skolaz Pt 2- 2013

Tiny - Posted on 29 July 2013



My name is Dante.  I am 13 years old.  I live in East Oakland.  My Street is full of trees not dirty gardens.  I am the son of my mom Sharena.  I learned that plants can save your life and you can make money.  From what I learned about high blood pressure, it is from too much salt in your diet.  By Growing your own food, you will know it is good for you and real.  I like football, eating food and learning new things. 


Niani Manigo


My name is Niani Manigo and I am 10 years old.   I live in Oakland CA in an apartment that is by Highland Hospital and the houses by my apartment have some interesting color, like gray, white, peach, black and yellow.  Something that I like to do is dancing, gardening, but when it comes to my mom and me, we walk the Merit Lake.  It is tiring but it is fun.  My moms’ name is Pecolia Manigo Tonia Hudson.  Some plants can heal diseases.  If you grow plants instead of eating GMO it would be better. 


Seven Renee Curley


I am 10 years old.  I live in Oakland, California.  Sometimes I like to garden.  I learned that some plants help cure heart disease.  Sometimes sage can heal sickness.





I, Felix have been on this earth for this lifetime for 20 years.  Child of x/earth, ocean, moon) Ix.  Live on occupied Ohlone land, west Oakland, my neighborhood is full with folx who have lived on the block for generations, people (like me) who are moving in.  Some, getting to know the community and some only live in their homes, from their doors to their cars. 

The next street, over there, there is a community garden.  I always stop to admire.  Beautiful mural of Maiz.  The corner store selling fried Chicken and food filled with toxins.

I dream of working together with the community to build gardens full of medicine, food, life.  Black and Brown folx depending on each other.  Healing the poisons place in our bodies by white supremacy.


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