Why Many Can’t Go To Movie Theaters

Leroy - Posted on 16 July 2013


Dedicated to Mesha, mother of Idriss Stanelley, & the parents of
Ethan Saylor)


I tried to go see Fruitvale but I couldn’t sit still

Spirits told me to get up & go

Idriss Stelley to Ethan Saylor

Sat in those sits & got blown


Theaters hide the black & blue

In the dark crying the Blues

Just wanted to see another movie

Ethan said, “don’t touch me!”


Now mothers can’t go to movie theaters

Dealing with PTSD has to wait for the DVD

Black & White both young men had a disability

No more butter popcorn no more candy


Many say documentaries are real life

We’ll never feel Oscar Grant's emotions at that moment

Can’t turn back the hands of time

Love ones buried under dirt and cement


Activists & rappers say film the police

How can we film in the dark

Cell phones with flash

Catching the po po's ass


Theater massacres aren’t only carried out

By individual strangers

Target only one in many

Profiling under state violence ignoring the shouts


In the dark but evidence comes to light

After all of this time

The screen becomes the frame they created

Idriss welcomes Ethan as his spirit rises


Few get on the big screen

Many more are not known

Parents still on their knees

What is next, a stamp aka an Oscar from the establishment?


After film festivals and premiers

Few parents are left with boxes of DVDs

While filmmakers move to their next project

The other parents are lucky to even get a lawsuit settlement


Before the lights go off

Check out who is not around you

Feel the spirits on the black screen

Crying, “we need to rest we had enough!”


By Leroy F Moore Jr.




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