"I AM" :Youth Skolars 2013- part 1

Tiny - Posted on 16 July 2013

Tiburcio Garcia

My name is Tiburcio Garcia son of Lisa gray Garcia and Anthony David Robles.   He has high blood pressure so I hope I can cure it with the garden.  I live near the beach in the Richmond district on 45th Ave. The street Looks like a rainbow, the beach from far away looks like a big blue field with little foamy specs a field id just want to lie in. In my neighborhood there are a lot of front yard Gardens.  The end.  Age 9


Jiisary Chatman


My name is Jiisary Chatman.  I am 12 years old.  I live in east Oakland.  Sometimes I like to go to the park and play basketball with all of my friends.  I am the son of Sherri and Jody.  My grandma has diabetes. She caught it because her parents’ wasn’t around to tell her not to eat any candy and not even her neighborhood would tell her not to eat candy.  Then, she eventually caught diabetes.  I think that eating a lot of healthy fruit and vegetables??  Sometimes, we eventually have to grow vegetables because at the store they be fake.



Michael Capers


The garden in my opinion represents peace and power.  Peace being that it is of nature, power because without nature mankind can’t survive so I am wondering with that being said how come nobody pays attention.  Hasn’t nature been trying to explain how important it is? Hasn’t nature tried to help its self?  Well it can’t do it all alone.  That’s why we, as mankind have to do our part and help.   That is exactly what I and my new family did.  We helped nature.  I can say with confidence, welcome to the Garden.




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