We are all Mario Romero!

Lex - Posted on 12 March 2013

Cyndi Mitchell-Special to PoorNewsNetwork

A lot of people are confused when it comes to important facts about the murder of Mario Romero by officers of the Vallejo Police Department. Those who are unfamiliar with proper protocol and are comfortable with hearing the stories of people being shot and killed by police for allegedly possessing a firearm.

It is important to understand that in the case of Mario Romero he did not have a gun before one was planted on him by a corporal with the Vallejo Police department after he was murdered.

Mario Romero was sitting in front of his home when he was preyed upon by officers practicing their normal daily routine of harassing people because of the color of their skin. A lot of people do not understand that it is not against the law to sit in your car in front of your house at any time of the day or night because this is America and we have civil and constitutional rights.

Those rights of Mario Romero were violated to a horrible extent on September 2, 2012 when he was murdered by officers of the Vallejo Police.

Vallejo Police have counted on intimidation, stalking and harassment to silence witnesses and family of those who have been killed at their hands.

Vallejo police were counting on such intimidation to silence everyone who witnessed these crimes of Vallejo police.

Vallejo Police want you believe that a sane man would pull out a fake gun on two officers with real guns and unlimited bullets. A sane man who had just got a new promising job and was preparing to celebrate his 24th birthday.

A sane man who had a family who loved him as much as he loved them. This same sane man who was a hero to his 3 year old daughter.

The Vallejo Police have admitted to not identifying themselves. Before attacking Mario Romero’s car with bullets but have attempted to justify their actions through planting evidence to support their lies and slandering Mario’s name.

The Vallejo Police have not given an explanation for shooting at Mario so many times without any return fire. Shooting at an unarmed man was not enough for these blood thirsty animals. They had to reload and hop onto the hood of Mario’s car and continue to unload while the officer turned his head to have a conversation with a loved one of the victim while continuing to shoot her baby brother to death.

To violate a person’s rights is not enough, to kill an unarmed man unjustly and in front of his home, neighbors and family members is not enough. The Vallejo Police immediately made lies in an attempt to justify their criminal activity.

They changed their stories three different times, none making sense to a family who were so close to the victim as well as friends and neighbors who knew what had occurred on that horrifying night.

The Vallejo police lied saying that Mario got out of his car and pointed a fake gun at two real guns but they did not know that Mario’s car door was broken, his window had to be rolled down and his door had to be opened from the outside for him to exit his car.

They did not know that Mario’s seatbelt was broken and was tied into a knot, which he faithfully tied to prevent himself from getting a seatbelt ticket preventing him from leaving the car in an abrupt manner.

They did not know that their corrupt activities were being recorded. They were unaware that anyone saw the police issued training weapon being planted into Mario’s car. Nor did they know that they were observed stealing the seatbelt that Mario was cut from.

Vallejo Police Chief Slandered Mario’s name, falsely stating Mario as a parolee who was afraid of going back to prison, using this as a reason to say that Mario pulled out a fake gun on two officer’s with two real guns and unlimited bullets. This false statement was relayed to the media by the Vallejo Police Chief who was aware that it was a lie but has refused to publically admit his faults, further proving the agencies lack of accountability practices.

The assassination of a person’s character is the second death that Vallejo Police Department sentences their victims to after they have murdered them in the manner that they murdered Mario Romero.

This assassination is carried out with the hopes of making the lives of the people who have been killed seem insignificant as well as limiting public outcry over police misconduct.

Vallejo Police do not want you to know that Mario Romero was shot in his face and mouth and shot in the palms of his hands and wrists as well as his chest and underarms as he pleaded for his life, Nor do they want you to know that after unloading 30 + bullets into his car his body was stolen from the scene of the crime and hidden for a month as insensitive officers of the Vallejo police harassed and intimidated Mario’s family.

The person that the Vallejo Police have painted Mario Romero to be is far from the person he was. Mario was a very loving person and very easy to love. He met no strangers and was willing to help people that he did not know. Whether it be helping an elderly woman cross the street or giving a man that he did not know a ride. Mario was very close to his family and open about his activity. He was creative and loved making music as well has taking care of his 3 year old daughter who was his world. Mario was a kid at heart who wouldn’t hesitate to sit on the floor and play video games with his nieces and nephews. Or ask his older siblings if his clothes matched. Mario was one person who made sure that you knew that he loved you , never leaving out the door without saying “I Love you”, giving you a hug and a kiss. He was never shy with his affection, never too proud to express his love. He was very respectful always saying Yes ma’am or nor sir to his elders. All he ever wanted was to be was famous and make his family proud. Mario’s life being taken so brutally and unjustly has exposed and evil within the city of Vallejo that has been able to be hidden for so long. Mario’s family has always been proud to call him theirs and will continue to fight for justice for his murder as well as the murder, police brutality and discrimination that has been experienced by others.

We are all Mario Romero!


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