PNN-TV: Youth Skolaz R IdleNoMore @ Flashmob in SF Mall

Tiny - Posted on 27 January 2013

The yells in my ears ring my eardrums like an alarm clock (kkkkh).  Get our!  Get out!  I hear the sound of the hegemony security guards of the Westfield mall in San Francisco trying to get us out of the place on their big bullhorns. 

My brother Luta Candelaria keeps on singing.  I like that guy,  As we are pushed out on the bare Market Street.  I hear the chants of idle no more and I hear the voices of the security guards behind us with their arms out saying, “Get out of our property!” 

Since we had a protest in Sacramento on Saturday January 26th well…I was not there but I heard some of the junior wanna be cops talk about how we should all be in Sacramento right now. 

The  idle no more chants are still in my ears so I start to chant too, fists up.  Everybody together,, we are a family, all the familiar faces, some I don’t know, but we all stand as a native community by the time we are out on the urine filled sidewalk. 

We started to dance.  It wasn’t a round dance actually we were not all dancing.  Only one person was dancing.  We stayed there for about a minute or so then we crossed the street so we could have a bigger dance. 

Tiburcio- 9 years old,, Prensa POBRE/PNN


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