A poem call "A Suicide Bomber"

Muteado - Posted on 04 December 2012

A Suicide Bomber takes over the streets in the Middle East none knew his identity all they know is he left a note saying this..

Am just a young man who life was taking away,

standing in the middle of crater trying to understand the sadness and hate that brings tears of pain,...just yesterday i praying to my god..given thanks for letting me and my family survive...and now am standing in the middle of crater picking up rocks full of blood knowing nothing can go back...praying to my god to give me the strength to go and fight back..

 knowing am helpless, i fell on my knees as let my tears fall off...

knowing that theres nothing in the world to make me survive,

knowing i lost blood my only reason to be alive, and knowing the tomorrow none will call me son because my mother and father are gone..

and i wish, i was with them so i wouldn't be feeling this pain...what am really saying is that i wish i was dead...

but i know as i wrote this note the revenge will hit them hard and showing two grenades inside my pants thinking to my self i wont pull back, i will get really close to the checkpoint or the end of my life..

i hope my hands don't get sweaty inside my pants as i hold the rings the hold my life...and thinking about my family knowing they are gone..and knowing the revenge will unite us one more time as i get to the checkpoint i will pull the rings out my pants and four seconds will be the distance of seen my mom and my dad...

Collateral Damage..Bombs that fall from the Sky...


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