Mis Hijos: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

Tiny - Posted on 21 November 2012



Mi Nombre es Teresa Villa
Soy madre soltera de 2 hijos pero me siento
muy frustrada cuando
mi hijo fue agarrado por la policia.

los problemas con mis 2 hijos.
La policia empezo a
molestarlos, el abuso
con la policia fue tanto
que ellos
decian que no
se iban a graduar pero
yo como mama siempre
estuve al pendiente.
Los enfrente  porque
ellos eran acosados
siempre, pero ellos
se gruaduaron.
pero la policia
del sur de los
angeles.Siempre los acosaban.

My name is Teresa Villa
I am a single mother
with 2 children but I feel
very frustrated when
my son was
caught. Started
problems with my 2 children
The Police
disturbed and abused
not wanting
them to get caught
like a mama I was always
on the lookout
they were harassed
but they were always looked for
but the police
in the south
abuses and causes
problems with the youth


This story was written by Teresa Villa, a poverty skolar from Community Asset Development Re-Defining Education (CADRE), for the Voices of Poverty Resist series. This series was launched out of a fellowship that Lisa received from the Marguerite Casey Foundation for journalism focused on poverty. Because Lisa leads with her indigenous values of inter-dependence she has created this collective journalism process where all of our voices in poverty are speaking for ourselves.



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