PNN-TV: Swimming For Change & Decolonization - Pathstar Swim Against Diabetes

Tiny - Posted on 14 November 2012

PNN-TV: Indigenous Peoples Media Project Youth & Adult Skolaz re-port n sup-port Brother Luta in his Pathstar Swim Across The San Francisco Bay From Alcatraz Against Diabetes:on Indigenous Peoples Day.2012

Co-madre Tiny's Note: WHat a beautiful Indigenous peoples day- love n respect fo brother Wicahpiluta Candelaria who swam across the bay from alcatraz this morning for a perfect opening to hope and health and healing for all of us po, landless, indigenous peoples- to mi hermano Silencio Muteado for being there to share it wit me and the powerful, revolutionary spirit of youth skolaz, Solomon (son of sista-mama Jewnbug) Kimo (son of Sista- mama Linda Montoya) and mi hijo Tiburcio-n sista Laura.. to our collective, multi-generational, multi-lingual, inter-tribal liberation and healing from all these kolonizers diseases that we can decolonize our bodies out from under


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