The "End Exclusion" People with Disabilities Working To Reduce Poverty & Changing Attitudes, Africa

Leroy - Posted on 05 November 2012

Leroy Moore

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) Jess tell me about End Exclusion in Africa

Jess – The “END EXCLUSION – Let’s Enable the Millennium Development Goals” project sets out to change attitudes so that persons with disabilities are not denied their human rights because of discrimination. We especially want to make sure that persons with disabilities are included in programmes designed to reduce poverty in developing countries, which is often not the case. “END EXCLUSION” is a three year awareness raising project funded by the European Union. It is implemented by partners in Austria, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia with the support of associates in South Sudan and Ethiopia.

KHN I write for Poor Magazine a column on race & disability.  From your website it reads, “the "End Exclusion" project believes in the potential of persons with disabilities and sets out to ensure that their human rights are respected. In the fight to end poverty as well as in society as a whole, we must include persons with disabilities! “Gives as a picture of disability and poverty and how people with disabilities are changing that?

Jess – 1 billion people worldwide are living with some kind of disability. That's 15% of the world's population. 80% of them live in developing countries. Especially in poorer communities, people with disabilities are often isolated, discriminated against, and denied access to education, employment opportunities and healthcare. They are also frequently excluded from development programmes. One of the biggest barriers faced by persons with disabilities is the denial of opportunities to achieve their potential because of the stigma and discrimination many hold towards them. In developing countries especially, the denial of basic rights and opportunities brings a greater risk of falling into extreme poverty.

Many people focus on impairments and fail to see that persons with disabilities have equal human rights. Many also fail to understand or acknowledge the potential of persons with disabilities. It is important for persons with disabilities to show their abilities to the world, to change the attitudes of the community towards disability and act as role models for other persons with disabilities.

KHN I want to get to the music.  My friend emails me a link to a documentary, RICHBOYS L'EXEMPLE.  They are a music group in Africa.  Tell us about the group and the documentary.

Jess – Richboys L’example is an entry to our Show Me Inclusion competition. Show me Inclusion is End Exclusion’s latest action and gives people the opportunity get creative about inclusion and submit videos, photos, audio files, sketch books and scripts on the topic of inclusion and the rights of persons with disabilities. You can check out our two promotional teaser-clips: Inclusion is Strong and Inclusion is Groovy. Until now, we have received submissions from all over the world that be seen and voted for here: Unfortunately I can’t tell you any more about any of the contestants, as I don’t know them!

KHNHow many Hip-Hop artists with disabilities or are Deaf that are in this campaign?  I really like the video you email me and the artist is a young woman, boboemilyjane sign language rapper?  Tell us more.

Jess –Bobo Emily Jane is a contestant in our Show Me Inclusion competition as well. I can’t tell you much about her, apart from the fact that she is from England and very motivated to win! She has shared her video far and wide to gather as many votes as possible! You can look at her clip here:

KHN How are the artists using their music to advocate for change in the country and can you write in English one of their lyrics of a song?

Jess – Show Me Inclusion has motivated young people to use music for change and inclusion. We have about 3-4 songs, but also other forms of artistic expression: pictures, videos, photos! You name it! There are no creative limits to the ways in which we can demonstrate inclusion and support the rights of persons with disabilities!

Sorry! I don’t have any of the lyrics!

KHN –How can people help out in this campaign?

Jess –We want to get young people thinking about inclusion and the link between disability and poverty in developing countries. You can stand up for inclusion everywhere in the world by joining the End Exclusion campaign. If you are in Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic or Slovakia, you can attend one of our events. Otherwise you can take part in one of our international actions. Find out how here: Join the action! Submit your songs or other contributions to the Show me Inclusion competition vote for your favorite entries until October 31st! To keep up to date on what activities are planned in the coming months, you can find us on facebook and twitter, visit our website or sign up to our newsletter!

KHN - How can we get the artists’ songs and CDs?

Jess – I could give your contact to the artists, maybe they will contact you!

KHN - Are there plans to do a tour with the artists?

Jess – Not for the moment

KHN:  What happens after this contest and is there a long-term advocacy around poverty and disability?

Jess – After the contest our next big action will engage people to stand up for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the fight against poverty. Stay tuned for more information!

KHN - What happens to all the art & music from people who join this contest?

Jess – The international winning entry will be produced professionally and used for advocacy and awareness raising purposes around the world. The others will hopefully also inspire people to think differently about disability.

KHN - One more time how can people help in this campaign and where can people contact you?


Jess – People can sign up to the campaign and find out more about our activities and ways to get engaged here: Any questions can be sent to

KHN - Any last words?


Jess – The biggest barrier faced by persons with disabilities is the attitude of other members of society. Start with yourself! Change the way you think about disability, break the barriers, and unlock the potential!




From the artist:  hy I'm a sign language rapper from the united kingdom I'm trying to raise awareness for the deaf and of sign language as most people assume deaf with being dumb which is wrong also this way I think the younger generation will be able to connect also their is nothing like this on the music channels at the moment its fresh.

This entry is send in for the 'Show me inclusion' competition. Visit the website for more information:


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