Let's all say Goodbye to the 2012 PimpLympics

Tiny - Posted on 14 August 2012


 Lets all welcome the london  Pimp- lympics


The London so called ‘ Olympics ’was founded all the way  back in the Greco Roman ages.And one of their sports was man vs. beast (hey, I’m glad we don’t have that any more) today


We follow the tradition of lighting the torches, symbolizing two weeks.


The term pimp-lympics was a good idea by my mom. I’m just writing a report on it.  The pimp-lympics are  mostly pimps that is partly why my mom c alls it pimp-lympics.  Usually the u.s wins every sport but after Usain Bolt won men’s 100m pimps went down and down.


The other reason she calls it pimp-lympics is because  the pimps are Dow, BP and mcdonalds 


My conclusion is that if you want to be in the pimp-lympics please take your shoe off and raise the fist of power like John Carlos and Tommy smith in 1968 so I know you read this article.




  The end  


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