Holes in My Shoes

Tiny - Posted on 08 August 2012

I remember a few months back when I had a difficult experience trying to get a pair of new shoes.  My shoes were so worn down that they developed large holes on their soles.  This happened during the winter and often times I would walk home in the rain and ended up with nasty wet sox on my feet. With food and other expenses I did not have enough money to buy a new pair.  It was definitely a big hardship not to have enough money to travel comfortably by foot.

            There are plenty of youth in the bay area that are too poor to afford basic necessities.  It’s sad to say that so many of our youth cannot have their basic needs met.  Over 15 percent of people in san Francisco are living below the poverty line.  Across the bridge in Oakland, a staggering 25 percent of children live below the poverty line.   These children do not have good food in the fridge or access to an education.

The youth need these necessities to have a healthy and fulfilling childhood. They need food in the fridge in order to have energy to focus on school.  If youth live in poverty then they are forced to hustle to have enough money just to get by.  The youth SHOULD have enough money for school supplies, food and clothes.  Parents should not have to spend their valuable time fighting for welfare.  Instead it should be easy to obtain for parents, allowing them to give their children the opportunities they deserve. Politicians need to stop serving the needs of the wealthy and give some money to those who are ignored by the rest of society.  Especially the poor youth who need money as children to grow up and raise their kids successfully. 


My story of not having enough money for shoes is one of many.  However, my story can give you an idea of what it is like to not have enough for your basic necessities.  It is societies duty to take care of youth in poverty and give them the same opportunities as those who have money.

I see that my post from last week disagreeing with this young man's point of view has been removed. No surprise. What will surprise me is if Travis succeeds in life; and when he fails, those responsible will be the ones who removed my post, and assured him that blaming the productive members of society for his poverty is the way to go.
This is to be expected from bitter adults like "Tiny," but sad for young people like Travis, who might otherwise have led fulfilling lives.


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