Krip-Hop Burning the Ballot at The Capital

Leroy - Posted on 28 April 2012

Nazi slept with slave masters
Gave birth to Tea party members
Bill Clinton on the saxophone
While Obama tap dancing around racism

Occupy kicking out street folks
Facebook activism poke poke
Bill collectors on hold
Fuck paying off student loans

White House called me
I still have it on my answering machine
Could not deal with my advocacy
So they got the actress from GLEE

Uncle Sam wants me to pay my taxes
Yeah sure after I get my reparations
Youth with disabilities facing deportation
In the home & outside fear of execution

While media paints its own stories
Individuals and the state get off free
Occupy what are you crying about
Us disabled peeps have a 99% unemployment rate for centuries

Rick Santorum put a dollar sign on his disabled daughter
Cutting In Home Support Services, Jerry Brown just like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Party politics makes me fucking sick
From playground to office politics grew up taking licks

Took off the liberal costume
berkeleyans love their brooms
So they can sweep sweep isms under the carpet
1970’s Utopia is a crock of shit

Black Panthers severed white disabled protesters
It took how many years
to get a Black independent Living director
Now we have a campus named after Ed Roberts

While I and others get profiled
Parents calling the police on us
Ending up in tragedy Sit and lie policy
While tech nerds sit and lie all night for the new technology

Everything is gray but add some color
Then it is easy Black and white
Until it happens to some one with a lot of green
Then the ink fades from white paper called the law

Lawyers and reporters interoperated in their own way
Giving freedom to the wealthy
While Black professors/professionals write & talk about poverty
Nothing changes just the clothes on the pimp

Making money in the moment
Calling everything a movement
Capitalizing on the environment
Cooperation verse Mother Nature

Now we are in Sacramento next to the capital
Krip-Hop calling our people
Emptying politicians, bankers and CEO’s pockets
To stop foreclosures & balance the budget & burning the ballot

Learned from MLK
Non-violence through poetry comedy and music
Surprise as we turn the other cheek
You will get the teaching of Malcolm X
By Leroy Moore


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