Respect Panthers on Wheels

Leroy - Posted on 12 April 2012



Roll out the red carpet

Here comes the Queen

Regaining her thrown

Wait! Wait! Wait!

The pack turned on her


Black Panthers going gray

The human & animal Kingdom eating their elders

Malcolm Samuel, Brad Loma, Kiilu Nyasha, Queen, Mama Khandi,

Black Panthers in their golden years

Living, Fighting & yes dying alone


Panthers roaming the streets in wheelchairs

Looking for their brothers and sisters

Caught up in police sweeps

Snatched up by homeland security

Left to die in prisons and shelters


Look how we treat our seniors

Queen Mama Khandi stripped by the state

Like X, state barged in splitting up Khandi’s family

Son placed in foster care

Incarcerated because she is an activist


Came back home to find eviction notion

Section eight and disability income revoked

Same story for Malcolm Samuel in Berkeley

Sitting in his wheelchair on the avenue easy target for police

Died in prison from lack of medical care


Their stories I will continue to share

On CD, Brother Malcolm Speaks

Tore up wheelchair, slept in doorways

Talked about his days as a tailor for the Panthers

From homemade black suits to sweat shop salvation army’s rags


Where is the file on Brother Brad Lomax

Brought the Black Panthers into the disability movement

Only a few knows about his work

His file is under secrecy

The Black community building for its own

Racism and capitalism ate away Lomax’s goal

Today the Oakland disabled Black community still searching for its own


Brad Lomax left out of two histories

Panthers are in every city

Let the film role capturing the beautiful revolution of Kiilu Nyasha

We all are getting older pass this poem to someone younger

On the wheels of steel respect the panthers in your community



By Leroy F. Moore


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